Jun 12, 1896 Chicago Editorial The Dog Question Again - Pit Bull Problem

The melancholy days have come in which all the dogs of Chicago that walk or un abroad must be muzzled or be shot.  We have little doubt that many of them would prefer to be shot; especially the puppies.  While the "dog star rages," which we suppose to be concurrently with the muzzling season, the subcommittee that has charge of the work of preparing a new ordinance relative to the keeping of dogs can meditate at leaisure; there is no urgent demand for its report.'

We are of opinion that all that is needed for the safety of society is a stringent law against keeping of harboring savage dogs.  There is no need of such in a city.  A good house dog is not necessarily a savage beast.  It is the dog that barks and arouses a household that the burglar fears.  A good toy terrier may be a better defense against house-breakers tha(n) an ugly and vicious bulldog.  There are breeds of dogs - Dalmatians, setters, pointers, Danes, mastiffs, and large Irish and Yorkshire terriers that are courageous as well as affectionate, though the terrier is apt to be irritable.  Legislate for dogs as men are legislated for; encourage the good and suppress the vile, and all will go well.

Daily Inter Ocean, Chicago IL