UPDATE Dec 31, 2014 Joliet Dangerous Pit Bulls and Vicious Rottweiler Terrorizing North Reed Street

UPDATE - Titan the vicious rottweiler has been found.  He wasn't "on the outskirts of Indiana" after all.  Nope, JACKLYN VAVRIK seems to have told a fib.  VAVRIK doesn't get to keep the deemed vicious rottweiler.  Rescue angels right there in McHenry County plan on rehabilitating him and what then?  Adopt out Titan with the vicious designation?  VAVRIK gets to keep her two pit bulls, one of which has been deemed dangerous.  She has until April to get adequate fencing.

UPDATE - The irresponsible dangerous dog owner, JACKLYN VAVRIK,  has gotten rid of the rottweiler, which has been designated dangerous, and claims she doesn't know where it is except that it might be "on the outskirts of Indiana. (?)"  So, some neighborhood can anticipate mauled dogs and people thanks to JACKLYN.

VAVRIK also claims that her pit bull that was also deemed dangerous is not and that it did not do any of the biting - that's all on the rottweiler.  She gets to keep the dangerous dog if she meets a bunch of requirements.

Joliet - Two pit bulls and a Rottweiler have run loose around Joliet’s North Reed Street and attacked at least four other dogs, viciously mauling one, residents said.

“Our fear is a child” will fall prey to the pack of dogs, said Doreen Swanson, who said her own two pets were beset by the hounds from Reed Street.

Harley is a shepherd-mix belonging to neighbor Sarah Tyrell. Harley had to undergo surgery and has two drains implanted in her body because of the Christmas Eve attack, Tyrell said. Harley is now too frightened to venture out to her own yard alone.

Another neighbor, Helene Heldorfer, also complained to the police about the Reed Street Rottweiler. Heldorder was walking her cairn terrier, Buffy, the morning of Sept. 22 when it emerged from a back yard and attacked, according to a police report.

Jaclyn Vavrik, 29, 507 N. Reed, Joliet, arrested by the Will County Sheriff’s Office and booked
into the Will County jail on Sept. 15 on two counts of domestic battery.   9/16/2014
The dog’s owner, identified in the report as JACLYN VAVRIK, 29, explained that she could not find a leash for her Rottweiler, Titan, so she let him “out in her backyard and he took off to the front yard and did bite ‘Buffy,’” police said. “Vavrik stated to (the officer) that she would pay the vet bills because they were at fault.”  Think she'll follow through?

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Jan 27, 2015 Three Chicago Pit Bulls Attacked Dog Being Walked on Leash

Chicago - I was walking my dog and 3 dogs from 3242 West Divison attacked my dog. Thank god som good semaritians driving by stopped to help when they saw me fighting them off my dog. Beware of the area.

They were from that building (3242 W. Division). 3 pit bull type dogs. The little white one was the most aggressive and was the one latching onto mine. I have 9 month old bullmasitff and he's not aggressive at all. He actually when under a truck to try and get away but they were smaller and still able to get them. The owner had no control of them at all, and none of them had tags or collars. Took my dog to the vet and luckily the wounds weren't to bad but the police just gave her a ticket for loose dogs because of the daycare next door, and not being able to see wounds on my dog at the time because he was covered in mud trying to hide under the truck.

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