Dec 30, 2014 Voice of the Reader: Rusty A Sweet Little Dog Killed by Pit Bull

Dec 30, 2014 Voice of the Reader: Little dog killed by pit bull

To the Editor:

To the Editor:
I am writing this letter with a broken heart. My beloved dog, Rusty, died Dec. 21. He was attacked by a pit bull on Wednesday Dec. 17.

We were just out for our daily walk. We were walking past a house when two pit bulls pushed open the door of the house, ran down the ramp and attacked my dog. The lady that was in the house came running out and tried to get them off my dog, but she didn't have much luck. I was knocked down and hurt my shoulder and broke my glasses. I guess I should consider myself lucky that they didn't turn on me, but they were focused on my little dog. Oh, he didn't die right away, but he did four days later.

Is this what walking your dog in Carbondale has come to? Should we have to carry a loaded gun, a club or dog mace just to walk down the street? I have lost my best friend who never met a person he didn't like. He was a sweet, lovable dog and the joy of my life. Goodbye, Rusty. If there is a dog heaven, I know you are there.

Joan Grammer

A couple weeks later, another reader, Lynn Koener, responds to Joan's letter of loss with condolences and adds that she knows that recently another pit bull in a shelter was very dog aggressive and so it was put down.

Friends of Joan also write in saying that they were sickened about the attack and wish the owners of pit bulls would be responsible.

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Dec 23, 2014 Chicago Boy and Mother Attacked by Pit bull in Roseland

Chicago - A 10-year-old boy and his mother were both injured after being attacked by a pit bull that escaped from its homein the South Side Roseland neighborhood Tuesday afternoon.

Devon was bitten in the back, with a wound deep enough to require stitches.  Devon’s mother Lasheta Amos opened the door. But at that point the pit bull turned on her. His mom’s arm was ripped apart and required surgery.

Officer Williams says the owner didn’t receive a citation because he turned the dog over to animal care and control.

CBS 2 reached out to animal control about the fate of the dog but didn’t hear back.

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Dec 19, 2014 Chicago Pit Bulls Were Used in West Side Dog Fights: Prosecutors

Chicago - A North Lawndale man admitted he hosted dog fights after police found four emaciated pit bulls tied to chains in his basement Wednesday, authorities said.

Antonio Curry, 33, told officers he's been paid $5,000 over the last eight months to host dog fights in his basement, according to Assistant State's Attorney Erin Antonietti.

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