Oct 31, 2015 Ongoing Conversation in Lake County about Pit Bulls

Lake County News Sun
Ongoing Conversation About Pit Bulls

Oct 30, 2015
Lives change after mauling
It is obvious that the people writing here that love their pit bulls haven't come in contact with a person who has been mauled by one. And, your point that it's the person raising the dog causes the dog to attack people. That doesn't erase the fact that once they do attack an innocent person, there usually is great harm done. So no matter who is bringing up a pit bull, a good person or a stupid one, it's the fact that they can be dangerous and, the poor kid who gets bitten and mauled doesn't care who raised the dog. All they know is that their lives could be changed forever depending on the damage done. So absorb this pit bull lovers: If you had another breed of dog as a pet and it decided to attack a child, at least the child might have a better chance of getting away without being mauled. So, stop commenting about your loving, caring pit bulls, don't want to hear it anymore.

Oct 25, 2015

Don't blame the dog
Recently, I read in TOTC that pit bulls aren't lovable, and another said pit bulls will attack. To those people who wrote these negative perceptions, let me say how wrong you are. Listen, if you can raise a child to be a responsible adult, you can raise a puppy to be a loyal, intelligent, loving pet — be it a pit bull or a poodle. Remember, there aren't bad dogs, just bad people; and I can now see there are people who don't know how to raise dogs, or children. Don't blame your mistakes on your dog. Any dog that will attack comes from their upbringing, not their breed. Respect starts at home. These dogs are intelligent and loving. They are what you make them. -- Loving pit bull owner of over 13 years.

Pits give unconditional love
I own an American pit bull terrier and she is my very first dog. She is loving, gentle and such a big baby. She was trained at an early age to obey her masters and to socialize with other dogs. We can take her to the local dog parks and everyone is so surprised how well behaved she is. Pit bulls aren't born mean, their jaws don't lock and they aren't meant to protect. They are a product of their environment and if you mistreat and fight them, they will be aggressive. Train, socialize and love on them as if they are a member of your family and they will in return give you unconditional love. Please take the time to educate yourself on pit bulls before labeling them, ignorance only spews hate. No more BSL (Breed Specific Legislation).

Oct 13, 2015
Pit bulls attack
In response to the pit bull comment in the TOTC. The people who breed these dogs for fighting only perpetuates their wanting to attack. Even if these dogs weren't raised to attack, they still have that instinct because it's in their DNA.

Oct 08, 2015
Pit bulls are loving, intelligent

Reading that opinion of pit bull terriers made me sick to my stomach. This junk just feeds ignorance and myth. This is a wonderful breed ...They are loving, loyal and intelligent. Too bad they face so much discrimination. They are amazing big-hearted dogs.

Oct 06, 2015
Pit bulls are dangerous dogs

Oh boy, I can hardly wait for the second pit bull clinic. Why not have a third one for the most aggressive, dangerous dog in the U.S.? They are number one for fatalities of young children. The dog in second place is exactly that, a distant second. So why not encourage more people to have them as pets? Don't people know that they have an aggressive trait and, when they decide to attack, young children don't have a chance?


Oct 28, 2015 Zion Pit Bull Viciously Attacks, Shot By Police; Attack Not Reported

Zion - This attack happened several weeks ago.  It was not reported at the time.  It was included in this piece that attempts to show that pit bulls are no more dangerous than other dogs.

“In early October, an 8-year-old Zion girl was viciously attacked and bit on the face by her family's 18-month-old pit bull, Smokey. The dog was euthanized by police immediately after the attack with the owner's consent.
Zion police arrived at the Joanna Avenue home just after the Oct. 4 attack, according to a police report. An adult and several children were outside the home while three other children remained inside and barricaded in a bedroom, police said.

One officer checked on the girl, who was holding a towel to her face to stop the bleeding, while other officers and neighbors rescued three boys by helping them through a bedroom window.
According to authorities, there were six children — ranging from 2 to 13 years old — at the home before or during the unprovoked attack. One of the children, police said, told officers that Smokey had previously bitten three people and everyone was afraid of him. The mother, according to the police report, said the dog had become increasingly aggressive in recent weeks and had attacked another dog a month and a half prior, but had never bitten any people.’

The family declined to be interviewed, but the young girl is recovering at home.”

The rest of the article explains that pit bulls aren’t a danger and that labs bite more.  How many labs had to be shot by police?  How many people barricaded themselves in a bedroom and had to be rescued through a window because of a rampaging german shepherd?

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Mar 16, 2015 Waukegan Pit Bull Attacks 5 Year Old Girl - also unreported

Oct 09, 2015 Ashton Woman Seriously Mauled by Her Own Pit Bulls

Ashton - On Thursday morning Lee County Sheriff’s Deputies responded to a call at 809 Main Street in Ashton, from a woman being attacked by her pit bull dogs.
Upon arrival, Deputies found 37 year old Denise Stephan in her home injured, due to bites from her 2 pit bull dogs.  Deputies were able to secure the dogs and render aid to Stephan.  She was eventually transported by the Ashton Fire Department to the Rochelle Hospital for treatment as the result of her injuries.  She has since been released from the hospital.
The incident is also being investigated by the Lee County Animal Control Office, who took possession of the pit bulls.

Facebook comments indicated that the pit bull had adopted from Animal Control two months before the accident and that Stephan had serious injuries that required over 100 stitches.

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Oct 06, 2015 Chicago Pit Bull Seriously Mauls Girl and Woman in Gage Park

Chicago - Pit bull hauled away after it attacked its own family members. An 8-year-old girl and her 56 year-old grandmother were seriously mauled. The girl is in serious condition while the woman is in critical condition.

 "I feel so nervous, so scared, sad because I know that lady. I see how she looked, and there was a lot of blood," said Martina Zabala, a neighbor. A pit bull was taken, and may have been new to the family. Reports did not mention if the other dogs were also pit bulls.

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