Jul 31, 2011 Wisconsin Man Caught in Sting Trying to Sell Dog for Fights

MAYWOOD - A man came all the way from Wisconsin to sell his pit bull for dogfighting, and he likely won't be going home anytime soon.

The sheriff's office released surveillance video of the meeting.

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Jul 22, 2011 Chicago Heights Police Blotter: Loose Dog

Chicago Heights – Police were called after it was reported that a loose dog had been chasing small children near the intersection of Hickory and Euclid. Police saw the dog (possibly a pit bull) running wild without a leash and notified a canine officer, who took the dog into custody. The dog was transported to the South Suburban Humane Society.

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Jul 15, 2011 Police Shooting of Dog Creates Outrage in Midlothian

Midlothian - A note from police saying they had left a “large dog” in his back yard awaited Michael Ryan when he returned to his Midlothian home one day last week from a trip to the grocery store.

Shortly thereafter, police came back to his house, claimed the dog was a vicious pit bull, shot it three times, watched it push its way under a fence and then searched for it up and down the block, trying in vain to catch it, according to witnesses and the police report.

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Jul 14, 2011 Pit Bull Brutally Attacks Illinois Woman

On July 14th 2011, Nik, who is 4'8" and weighed 95 lbs, was brutally attacked by a pit bull. The pit bull initially lunged for her neck, but she darted backwards and it sunk its teeth into her left shoulder. The pit bull bit her 2 more times in her arm, the last of which took 2 much larger individuals to pry the dog off of her broken arm. The pit bull's teeth sunk into her arm all the way to her ulna and fractured it in 2 places. 3 surgeries and multiple plates later, she still has consistent pain and nerve damage. These are not the only life altering injuries; her mental health has deteriorated. Those of you who know her understand how much this has devastated her. She still suffers from nightmares and PTSD. Please help her raise the money that the insurance company doesn't think she deserves. Buy a gi, make a donation www.pulsekimonos/donations or share her story. All proceeds go directly to her.

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Jul 13, 2011 Man, woman sought in pit bull attack

CHICAGO - A Far South Side couple was hospitalized Wednesday after being attacked by a pit bull let loose on them during a family fight.

The victims – a 35-year-old woman and a 34-year-old man -- were bitten by a 60-pound pit bull named “Rhino” at a home in the 10700 block of South Green Bay Avenue, according to South Chicago District police Sgt. Michael Dineen.
Calumet Area detectives are investigating the incident as an aggravated battery.

UPDATE: Harmony Dawdy's Recovery

Click here to go to video from WAND-TV about Harmony Dawdy's attack and recovery

Springfield – It's only fitting that "Rocky," arguably one of the greatest underdog stories ever told, is one of Harmony Dawdy's favorite movies.

Less than one month after two pit bulls came within a millimeter of gnawing through her femoral artery - which probably would have killed her - Harmony is back at home and playing outside again.


Want to help?

A fund has been set up by the Dawdy family to help with Harmony Dawdy's medical bills. If you're interested in donating money, checks or cash can be mailed to P.O. Box 7396, Springfield, IL 62791.

Jul 07, 2011 Rockford man charged; pit bull killed in drug raid

ROCKFORD — Belvidere narcotics officers partnered with state and federal agents Tuesday to cross the county line to arrest a Rockford man on drug charges.
After the arrest, Belvidere police, members of the Stateline Area Narcotics Team and Drug Enforcement Administration agents attempted to raid Bowlds’ residence in the 1700 block of South Sixth Street. Before they could do so, the officers were attacked by a pit bull.

The dog was shot and killed by the officers

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July 5, 2011 Woman Chased into pond to escape pit bulls

Lombard – The owner of two pit bulls was cited for violating local ordinances after his dogs chased a woman in Westmore Woods and she jumped into a pond to get away from them.

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Jul 01, 2011 Crackdown on NW Side gang nets 5 dogfighting arrests

CHICAGO - Five alleged members of the Maniac Latin Disciples street gang were arrested on dog fighting charges Wednesday. The arrests are connected to an on-going police investigation into the gang that began after one of its members allegedly shot and wounded two girls while aiming at rivals earlier this month in a Northwest Side park.

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