Jun 27, 2017 Montgomery Pit bull Attacked Police Officer, Code Officer, 2 Other People

Montgomery - Reports that a pit bull bit a code officer and two other people and was put down. In a second incident, a police officer in a neighbor’s yard was also attacked after the pit bull leaped over a fence and hung onto his arm.

Montgomery Illinois doesn't need pit bulls
City officials are looking into changes that can be made to ordinances to make them stronger.

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Jun 15, 2017 La Salle Pit Bulls Bite Owner Trying To Break Up Fight

La Salle Co. - In what must have been a horrific fight, two pit bulls attacked a third in a home.  The owner and another person were bitten trying to break up the fight.  Two pit bulls were put down for aggression and the third was put down because of injuries from the attack.The female owner also had two other pit bulls.
File photo of fighting pit bulls

This attack comes two months after a report that there had been a substantial upswing in dog attacks in the county and that pit bulls were responsible for over 50% of them.  Before last year, when the influx of pit bulls was first reported, pit bull attacks were rare in La Salle Co.

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