Sep 26, 2014 Chicago Police K9 Officer Attacked by Two Pit Bulls

Chicago - An off-duty police officer taking his K9 for a walk in the park had his K9, Ditto, severely mauled by two pit bulls that escaped from their owners grasp.  A good samaritan helped stop the attack by dousing the pit bulls snouts with cinnamon powder and then putting a pit bull in a headlock while the police officer entered a fenced tennis court to get his severely injured dog to safety.

 Ditto is expected to survive after surgery.  The police are questioning the pit bull owner.

Pit bulls maul and kill many pets in Chicago, but the news outlets rarely report on it.

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ABC 7 Chicago

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Sep 19, 2014 Chicago Pit bulls attack 5 people and kill 1 cat in 5 months and NOTHING is done

Chicago - Veteran reporter Mike Parker* reports that five people have been attacked and one pet cat has been killed over a 5 month period in Chatham, a quiet southside Chicago neighborhood, and exactly nothing has been done despite repeated reports by neighborhood residents.
The most recent victim, Roland Hayes, returning from the hospital
after his cat was killed
John May, the first victim's scars
The 6 time mauler's fence

The heroic AC officer placing the sternly worded
post-it note on the irresponsible pit bull owners' door
The most recent victim, Roland Hayes, was sent to the hospital with bites to his arms while trying to save his cat.  Hayes' cat died.  There have been five attacks on people in the last 5 months by the same pit bulls, and only after the most recent attack did animal control see fit to take action and, using Montgomery co. Ohio's technique, post a "sternly worded post-it note"** on the pit bull owners' door.  Residents say they've been reporting the attacks all along and since nothing is being done, they can't allow their children out to play or walk their dogs.

6th ward alderman contact info
Roderick T. Sawyer
phone: (773)635-0006

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CBS Chicago

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**Dayton OH, another city that relies on the "sternly worded post-it note" left on the door of irresponsible dog owners as reported by Ohio blogger Scorched Earth

*Mike Parker has been reporting so long he remembers the days when reporters followed up on tips and investigated out on the street to get a real story.  Thank you Mike Parker!

Sep 11, 2014 Lawsuit: Berwyn Police Officer Claims He Was Hit Bullet fragments When Pit Bull Was Shot

Berwyn - A police officer was injured when officers attempted to stop pit bulls from going on a rampage.  In addition to getting hurt themselves, a woman was injured and had to watch her small dog be mauled to death even though the police officers before they were able to kill the pit bulls.

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The Cook County Record

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