Aug 06, 2012 Police: South Elgin officer kills pit bull attacking family

This pit bull attack occurred in the small Village of South Elgin which is not to be confused with the City of Elgin.  South Elgin has a median household income of $80,879; 3% of the population lives below the poverty level; has a 90.6% home ownership rate.
Sgt. Craig Steurer

South Elgin - Police Sgt. Craig Steurer was called to a dog attack in progress in a South Elgin home.  He said he could tell by the call that this was no "normal" bite and release kind of dog attack.

When he arrived, he found the woman faintly crying for help, lying motionless face down on the floor with a pit bull clamped on her arm.  Steurer reported that she was completely covered in smeared blood.

The pit bull was "actively chewing and pulling on her right arm."

He managed to get the pit bull off her, but when it appeared menacing, he shot the pit in the head.

Sgt Steurer is being hailed as a hero.  This is not the first time he has had to shoot a pit bull to stop it from attacking.  Last year he shot a pit bull that was biting the heel of a fellow officer on duty.

He said that what went through his mind was, "The damage these things can do."

The woman's niece and nephew had closed themselves in a bedroom, but the nephew had also been bitten.

Initial reports said that both the woman and the nephew had been taken to St. Joseph Hospital in Elgin and later had to be transported to Advocate Lutheran General Hosptial in Park Ridge with serious injuries.

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