Dec 8, 2013 Chicago Fatal Pit Bull Attack: 2 year old Jah'Niyah White

A 2 year old Chicago girl, Jah'Niyah White was killed by her grandfather's pit bulls, Brownie and General Chico while she was reportedly left unattended in his apartment.  The family has said the dogs are pit bulls and calls from reporters at the Chicago Tribune to Chicago Animal Care and Control have not been answered.

Rest in Peace Beloved Ladybug
She was much loved by her parents and grandparents.  Her mother and father, Kashairah Gardner John White of Missouri, are arranging to have her Christmas presents donated to the needy. Britt Williams-Nelson, Jah'Niyah's paternal grandmother, who called Jah'Niyah her Ladybug, said that Jah'Niyah was the smartest 2 year old she'd ever met.

The medical examiner's office determined that Jah'Niyah died from dog bite injuries with contributing factor being neglect and called the death a homicide, however the police department's investigation is so far non-criminal.  The Illinois Department of Children and Family Services is investigating the girl's grandfather for allegations of abuse pertaining to the child's death.

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Dec 05, 2013 Chicago Tribune: Pit bulls flood shelters, strain rescuers

The Chicago Tribune is stepping up and reporting on pit bull statistics in Chicago and the surrounding area.  Read this in depth article about the state of the pit bull population in the Chicagoland area.

Graphics plainly show that since Safe Humane Chicago was founded with grant money from Best Friends Animal Society in 2007, the percentage of pit bull bites has skyrocketed from 27% of all dog and cat bites to an astounding 44% in 2012.*

While total numbers of dogs impounded and euthanized remains in the same ballpark as 2010, the percentage of pit bulls euthanized has risen from 57% to 66% in the first 11 months of 2013.

Nearby Waukegan's pit bull problem is noted in the article.  One rescuer says that there is a litter of pit bull puppies in every other house in Waukegan despite an (unenforced) ban on unlicensed dog breeders.  Despite that, animal control director Susan Elliot says it is that dog breeding licensing law that she feels addresses the pit bull problem in Waukegan. hmmm...

Elliot says that people get pit bull puppies and then surrender them when the pits are between 10 months to 1.5 years old.  This is exactly the age when dogfighters would see their fighting dogs "turn on" and become aggressive, high energy fighting dogs.  Elliot has noticed that a major reason people give up pit bulls is because "it has too much energy."  That might be a way to say, "I am terrified of my maturing fighting dog."  About half of the dogs entering the Waukegan shelter are pit bulls.

Unfortunately, the Tribune article ends with pit bull advocates saying that BSL isn't the answer, education is.  This is exactly what they have been saying for 30 years and look where we are now.
With pit bull attacks being such a serious issue, instead of interviewing this guy who references Snoop Dog's crass sexual innuendo on his dog training website and who profits from people who get dangerous dogs and want training, why not talk to emergency room and trauma center staff about their experiences treating pit bull attack victims. I mean, do we really need research about the strength of pit bull jaws when people who treat pit bull attacks can tell you that the removal of quantities of flesh and amputations are highly associated with serious pit bull attacks and not other kind of dog attacks?  Why not interview victims' advocates like Colleen Lynn of And why not interview pit bull attack victims themselves? You can ask Nick Foley if he'd be willing to talk about growing up with severe injury including the removal of most of the muscle in one forearm due to a protracted pit bull attack.  And I know Joseph Finley, who recently lost a leg to a pit bull, has been willing to talk about his devastating injury.  There have been several attacks by pit bulls just this year in chicago that were so severe, initial reports indicated the victim might lose a limb.  But, there has been no reporting on how these victims have fared and if they were able to keep their limbs.  Where is the investigation into what happened in the pit bull attack at CACC?

*see THIS POST to read about the influence Safe Humane Chicago, Best Friends Animal Society, and Animal Farm Foundation have had on Chicago Animal Care and Control since 2007.

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Nov 02, 2013 Chicago Animal Control Worker Seriously Injured In Pit Bull Attack

UPDATE: WGN reports that the woman, age 47, was taken to Mount Sinai Hospital in serious-to-critical condition after she was bitten several times about 9:35 a.m. at Animal Care and Control headquarters, 2741 S. Western Avenue, said Chicago Fire Department spokesman Chief Juan Hernandez.
UPDATE: The Chicago Tribune did finally report the story and included background information showing that pit bull bites are disproportionately high in Chicago.  They asked a CACC representative if they have special handling procedures for pit bulls.  The answer is no.
UPDATE: It is truly bizarre that an attack this severe that was initially reported  has no follow up reporting.  An anonymous commenter on a Chicago crime blog who seems to know details of what happened, left this comment:
Let us all just say a prayer for her, the dog tried to attack another worker and she saved her co-worker. She may lose her and and part of her arm. Please send positive thoughts her way. Thank you!
So, this woman is a hero who may lose body parts, but neither her story nor her condition is worth an update because the media is biased towards pit bulls and covers up pit bull attacks?
file photo of a of a pit bull
Chicago - A pit bull seriously mauled an animal control employee at Animal Care and Control. The worker was taken to the trauma center (not the emergency room) at Mt. Sinai Hospital in serious to critical condition. One outlet says the attack occurred on Monday and another says the attack occurred today, Saturday nov. 02.

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CBS Chicago
Chicago Sun-Times 
Crime in Chicago 2013
Chicago Tribune

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Oct 31, 2013 What kind of dog does a man use as a weapon to commit a hate crime?

The Chicago Tribune reported that a man was charged with felony hate crime, felony stalking, and misdemeanor aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, and burglary.

He used his dog as a deadly weapon.  Neither the CPD nor the Chicago Tribune bothered to mention what kind of dog can be readily used as a weapon.  But you can guess what kind of dog it is, right?

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Oct 18 2013 Chicago pit bulls severely maul woman and kills her chihuahua

Chicago - A Calumet Heights woman is Stroger Hospital in critical condition as a result of three pit bulls attacking her and attacking and killing her chihuahua.  A witness said that the victim was taking her chihuahua for a walk in the alley when the three pit bulls escaped containment and launched a lethal, unprovoked, off property attack on the woman and chihuahua.

The witness says that the pit bulls had flayed the woman from her ankle to her knee - removing all the skin.  This is a type of horrific injury virtually unique to pit bull attacks.

The owner of the dogs was also taken to the hospital for bites she received trying, with others to beat the dogs off with bricks and boards.  The owner says she's not a bad person, that she's sorry, and that the pit bulls were her and her children's protection.

In an unusual move for Chicago animal control, they removed the pit bulls on the same day as the attack.  And it is reported that the pit bull owner will receive some tickets for flaying a woman alive.

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NBC  Accessed: 2013-10-20. (Archived by WebCite® at

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Oct 3, 2013 Peoria pit bulls top biter

Peoria - Councilwoman Beth Akeson spoke at the first of two public forums about proposed changes to the city's animal control ordinances.

Changes in dangerous dog laws are being sought after a series of pit bull attacks.  Akeson cited statistics that show that pit bulls bite more than any other kind of dog in Peoria.

She also sought to educate Peoria residents on the increased dangers that pit bulls present by showing photographs of a pit bull attack victim's injuries which were so horrific, some people had to leave the room.
Other pit bull attack victims
While Akeson reminded the forum attendees that Peoria can ban pit bulls if other measures fail, for the time being a ban on pit bulls has been taken off the table.

Evidence that Best Friends Animal Society have been consulted is that one person came toting a "therapy pit bull" and that "reckless owner" legislation is being looked at.  The reckless owner ordinances can only come into play after a mauling has taken place and are as difficult to enforce as dangerous dog restrictions.

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Sep 11, 2013 Owners of pit bull mauling victim Shibui want felony charge

Wauconda - Lisa and Paul Didier, the owners of a Shih Tzu named Shibui, have discovered through their own investigation that the pit bull that killed Shibui had attacked before and had been declared dangerous.  Under Illinois law, the owner of a dangerous dog who allows the dog to attack again can be charged with a Class 4 felony.  He could be fined up to $25,000 and jailed for up to 3 years.

The Didiers say they want to set a precedent for prosecuting irresponsible owners.

The Lake County Journal, which published this story, felt compelled to publish a companion piece that basically asserted that the pit bull that had attacked many times, and ultimately killed a little dog for enjoyment, ought to have been "rehabilitated" and put out into the community again.  Fortunately, the pit bull was euthanized after the attack.

Contact the Lake County Illinois State's Attorney, Michael Nerheim, and let him know about pit bulls and irresponsible pit bull ownership:

18 N. County Street, 3rd Floor
Waukegan, IL 60085

Read more:
Lake County Journal

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Sep 11, 2013 Bloomington pit bull commits two separate attacks on people

Pit bull and Beagle get loose - pit bull attacks people beagle doesn't
Bloomington - A female pit bull and a male beagle mix got loose.  The female pit bull attacked a newspaper carrier and then an hour later attacked a runner.  The intact male beagle mix accompanying the pit bull didn't bite anyone while it was running at large.

Animal Control convinced the owner of the dogs to give up the puppies as well as the pit bull to allow the female pit bull mauler to nurse the puppies while she is in a 10 day rabies observation confinement.

The owner has been previously cited for dogs at large.

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Central Illinois Proud

Aug 31, 2013 Glenwood: yet another Illinois town grappling with pit bull problem

Glenwood - The village has enacted a non-breed specific dangerous dog ordinance in response to a pit bull problem.  Every single Illinois municipal area that has looked at stronger dangerous dog statutes has been prompted to do so because of pit bull attacks.

"[Police Chief Demitrous Cook] said he has noticed a lot of pit bulls and Cane Corsos in the village and that a recent situation occurred in which a pit bull kept jumping a fence to get at a neighbor woman's bull dog, which was injured.

"She was afraid to let her children in the yard," Cook said.

Cook said he was once chased by a pit bull while walking in the village and that Glenwood officers have twice had to shoot pit bulls."

Glenwood joins Peoria, Bloomington, Galesburg, Macomb, Lake county, Cary, Carmi, Skokie, Elgin, Arlington Heights, Waukegan and Wilmington in attempting to address a pit bull problem with non-breed specific dangerous dog laws in the last couple years.

When is Illinois going to realize that the emperor has no clothes and pit bulls are an unwarranted threat to human and pet safety?

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Aug 31, 2013 Chicago pit bulls critically injure man

UPDATE: The victim Nikita Taylor is recovering.  And after saying there was nothing they could do and allowing the pit bulls to stay on the property, CACC returned and impounded the pit bulls.

Chicago - Nikita Hampton Taylor was horrifically attacked by 6 pit bulls while walking down a sidewalk past a fenced yard.  The pit bulls escaped the fence and launched a "pit bull frenzy" attack.  One witness said she couldn't tell if his arm was still attached and that the dogs had ripped the skin off half his face.  Another said there was so much blood, you couldn't tell where his wounds were.

Even though neighbors have been so scared of those dogs that they no longer are able to walk down that part of the street, animal control claims they can't figure out how to keep the neighborhood safe from the dogs.  And as if to cement home the fact that they are completely useless, animal control said its just fine that the pit bulls be put back in the yard they just demonstrated they can escape from when they feel like attacking people.
WALTER FIELDS blaming the victim

The owner,  WALTER FIELDS, claims his pit bulls are sweet little pups, and further claims that the young man was so stupid that he taunted 4 to 6 pit bulls that everyone in the neighborhood is afraid of by repeatedly kicking the gate so hard that he loosened the gate himself - and he expects us to believe that crock!  Oh, wait, animal control evidently has the utmost confidence in FIELDS' word even though they've given him dozens of tickets.  FIELDS believes he has received too many tickets and doesn't see why his dogs should be taken away - because, get this, "they don't randomly bite people."
the multitude of maulers behind fence they escaped from

"Police said, of the 13 citations issued, six were for not having required licenses for the dogs, four were for failure to keep the animals under restraint, and three were for lack of rabies vaccinations."

If there were no rabies vaccinations, then the pits, by Illinois law, must be impounded and held for 10 days observation.  Chicago animal control is not following Illinois law.

Further, Cook county law states: When the biting animal is currently inoculated with rabies vaccine the animal's health shall be reported by the veterinarian to the Cook County Department of Animal and Rabies Control on the first and tenth days of the observation period for rabies.

 Chicago ordinance also states: 7-12-090 Owner's responsibility where animal has bitten another animal or person. (b)  After notification by the owner pursuant to subsection (a)(1), the executive director may impound, at the owner's expense, any animal that has bitten any other animal or person to make a dangerous animal investigation pursuant to Section 7-12-050(f).

(c)   In the event of severe injury or death to a person, the executive director SHALL impound the animal, at the owner's expense, as set forth above in Section 7-12-050(f)

... And animal control says, "there's nothing we can do..."  They are lying.  They just don't feel like they need to obey the law because WALTER FIELDS' neighbors don't count.  But, CACC is breaking the law by leaving those pits in that yard after they seriously mauled a man.  Not only can they impound the maulers, it is mandated that they do so.

  If the pit bulls lived next to this home, they'd be impounded:
Hey Hey Mayor Emanuel 

Aug 27, 2013 Bolingbrook police shoot pit bull attacking puggle

Bolingbrook - Police were called to a Bolingbrook home on August, 16 when a newly adopted pit bull attacked and would not leg go of the pit bull owner's other dog, a puggle.  According to the owner, after playing with her son and Hogan, the puggle, with no warning or provocation, the young female pit bull attacked Hogan and persisted in the attack for at least 10 minutes before police arrived.  Shapiro's 1.5 year old son was a foot away from the attack when it began.

The responding officers asked for permission to shoot the pit bull in order to save Hogan who was by that time blue with severe wounds to his neck and groin.  With permission, an officer shot and killed the pit bull.  The ghastly and dangerous attack and shooting were not reported in the media.

The pit bull, Khaleesi, had been imported to Illinois from Kentucky in late March by Dawn Teeter Nicosia of The Dog House Humane Group in McHenry, IL according to info from facebook pages and petfinder.  Khaleesi lived for several months with a foster named Kristie Hilton in Elgin until Khaleesi was adopted by Shapiro in June. Hilton described Khaleesi as "a gentle soul"  who "has not met a dog or person she doesn't like" and displayed several photos of Khaleesi with other pit bulls in her home on her facebook page.

 The owner had several photos of the pit bull with her puggle, and the puggle seemed completely at ease with it;  He never saw it coming. And now he'll never be the same.

Kaleesi benefits from professional photographs and great write-up on petfinder to get adopted.

Evidently, Khaleesi the Kentucky pit bull loved people and she was adopted to a family with a toddler and an adorable puggle.

Then the attack happened.

August 17 via mobile
Long post! Please only read if you want details on Hogan & Khalees's incident. Warning may be graphic and heartbreaking news. 
Yesterday was a the most difficult day of my life. I want to share with my friends what happened but I only want to have to explain it once. 
Our morning routine was quickly changed. My dog Khalees (or keesy as I called her) went after Hogan (Lewis's Dog). She was not agitated or aggravated and she attacked for no known human reason. It had to be a dog thing because minutes before they were waking up & playing with (her child) before we went outside to potty. So anyway she got ahold of his neck wear he could not defend himself. The tugging & tearing went on for over 10 mins till police arrived. They quickly assessed the dogs & seen Hogan was not going to hold on much longer. His face was blue and both dogs were exhausted. The officer & I then needed to make a choice as what to do. Unfortunately Khalees had to be put down. She was beyond reason, water being thrown on, or prying her off..every time she let go shed just get a bigger hold then she went for his groin and this was sure to kill him in seconds..I had been screaming & crying for about 15 mins by then. Everything is kind of a blur in & out. 
Lewis arrived on the scene 3 mins later. He rushed Hogan to the vet because I had (her child) (rather a neighbor did) and I was in no shape to drive from shaking & crying so hard at what just happened. I was so distraught I couldn't think right. It was 7:30am by now..and I had to go see my girl Keesy. I won't give details but from what I seen she didn't have a mark on her except blood on her face from her wound. I cleaned her up while praying for her to find her Heaven and go there & be at peace & play with my doggie Pepe who passed away a few years ago. I'm beside myself for now losing her. So all this while Lewis is at Vet with Hogan who had lost a lot of blood & they had to stop the bleeding asap before Hogan lost too much. I was so worried he'd not make it. He had to have surgery where his neck & leg arteries were. And it was a "process" the vet said as to putting him back together. He has stitches from his head to his jowl & further down his neck. Puncture wounds all over & then a large area of repair down by his groin. The vet was so kind to take 1/2 payment down before treatment & we could pay the remainder when we picked him up later. Today he's back for another visit, and back Monday to remove the three draining tubes put at the sites. He has a way to go to be back our fat lazy ol' Hogan but he should be ok. The vet said she never had a better more determined patient. It's hard to say I'm happy that Hogan is ok when I'm so sad for losing Khalees. But it's the situation our family is left with. 
A generous donation to Hogans Vet bill was called into VCA Animal Hospital by Khalees's foster Mom Kristie Hilton. 
Also Thank you to Officer Bill Smith for all his help & coming to our house this morning with condolence card for us & a get well card, treats & toy for Hogan. 
This tragic day will remain in our memories forever as will my love for Khaleesi.
Life can change so quickly. Love everyone & make them as happy as it were the last day you see them because it happened to me. I was a great doggie Mommy & I know Keesy loves me. I feel her still here with me. I keep looking in the back yard for her. Please keep our family in your prayers. 
Thanks for caring enough to read this post.

Hogan will never be the same.

His face may never be symmetrical again, and his leg will never work right.



Thanks to an anonymous source who happened upon this story on facebook.

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Aug 14, 2013 Machesney Park pit bull attacks beagle; owner stabs pit bull to death

UPDATE - mystateline has posted an update to the story with an interview with the victim beagle owner, Jerry McCollom.  The reporter did not bother to ask McCollom about the terror of being set upon by a pit bull and thinking his dog was going to die.  They published video of McCollom apologizing to the pit bull owner for protecting his pet's life from the pit bull.  mystateline added that the pit bull owner was ineffectually trying to disengage his pit bull from the beagle,  McCollom  said the pit bull was out of control

The update failed to repeat that the Winnebago county sheriff's office believes the beagle's owner's actions were justified and brought no charges against him.

Machesney Park - An unleashed pit bull rushed to attack a beagle on a public sidewalk and the beagle owner stabbed the pit bull 6 times to stop the attack, fatally injuring the attacking pit bull.  The beagle owner stated "he was afraid for his life and property."

The reporting by mystateline leads with the sorrow of the attacking pit bull's owner and suggests that mystateline might be unhappy the beagle owner was able to protect himself and save his beagle's life.  Mystateline prefers to believe that the pit bull that attacked the beagle was merely "confronting" the beagle.

Winnebago county sheriff's office believes the beagle's owner's actions were justified and brought no charges.

Read more:
mystateline Accessed: 2013-08-15. (Archived by WebCite® at

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Aug 07, 2013 Waukegan Pit bull attacks Boston Terrier; owner bolts

So glad you're going to be OK sweet Bubba

Waukegan - Larry Walker and Boston terrier, Bubba, are enthusiastic and long time users of a number of dog parks in the Waukegan area and they never had a problem until July 27 when a black pit bull grabbed and tried to drag little Bubba off at the dog exercise area at the Larsen Nature Preserve.  Walker was able to hit the pit bull in the ribs to make it let go.

He was shocked to see the owner just take off with the black pit bull leaving Walker with $417 in veterinary bills.  Waukegan Animal Control, which loves to pump pit bulls into the Waukegan area, explained to Walker that they are completely useless when it comes to protecting sweet friendly dogs and people from pit bulls (I'm paraphrasing) and passed the buck to the police.

Walker said, "It’s like one of your family getting torn up.”  He added that after they adopted him from Orphans of the Storm, he took Bubba to obedience classes which he aced.

“I never had a dog attack like that. It happened so fast I was in total shock. It might have eaten him alive,” said Walker.

Walker now carries a can of pepper spray/red dye/a little tear gas so he can stop and mark an offending dog. And he carries a camera to catch the dine n' dash owner. I might suggest bear spray or a small fire extinguisher there have been reports that people have had success getting a mauling pit bull stop with these.  People have to arm themselves to walk because of pit bulls these days.  Really sad.

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News Sun  Accessed: 2013-08-07. (Archived by WebCite® at

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Aug 06, 2013 New Lenox Terrier Hurt by Pit Bull in 'Vicious' Attack

New Lenox - a 3 year old rescue pit bull attacked a black and white terrier mix on July 29 on Old Plank Trail in a Will county forest preserve.

The terrier was injured on the shoulder, head, neck, and back.  The pit bull got away from the owner to attack.

The comments to the story again talk about how to arm yourself to protect from pit bull attacks while on your walks.  Just ridiculous.

Read more:
New Lenox Patch

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Aug 02, 2013 Pit bull attacks in Little Village

Chicago - A protest against vicious dogs was held on July 30 in Little Village.  The protest was organized by local activist Raul Montes jr.

“Somebody’s gotta bring it up,” said Montes Jr. in reference to this problem. “I work in this community and some of these people were very upset, like my neighbor, whose dog was killed by a pit bull. There’s a lot of pit bulls running around. They’re vicious dogs and I think there should be accountability, liability for these animals.”

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Extra News

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Aug 02, 2013 Buffalo Grove pit bull attacks schnauzer-poodle mix

Buffalo Grove - Cody a three year old schnauzer-poodle mix was attacked by a pit bull at the Happy Tails dog park in Buffalo Grove and received severe cuts that were treated at a nearby animal hospital.

The author of the Buffalo Grove Countryside article tries to suggest that the fact that the scared smaller dog provoked a savage attack by barking at the pit bull when this is obviously normal communication among dogs that should not meet with a savage attack.

Evidently, when the pit bull attacked, other dogs joined in and also attacked poor Cody. Cody's owner has been going to the park for years and is well known there, but neither she nor the other frequenters had ever seen the pit bull owner or the pit bull before.

A horrified neighbor to the dog park said she's never seen a fight before, let alone anything remotely approaching the savagery of the pit bull's attack before, after years of going to the dog park with her golden retriever.

For the month of July, Buffalo Grove police department said they had only one bite report - the one on the pit bull that bit Cody.

Read more:
Buffalo Grove Countryside Accessed: 2013-08-09. (Archived by WebCite® at

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Jul 31, 2013 Eldorado city leaders refuse to protect neighborhood from vicious pit bull

UPDATE: Shawnna Mitchell, owner of Charlie the Shih Tzu sued the pit bull owner in small claims court.  The suit was dismissed.

Dr. Cliff Morris changed his mind and determined that that Jonathan Roe's pit bull, which killed a Shih Tzu in an off property, unprovoked attack meets the criteria for a dangerous dog designation and Saline county officials advised Roe that the dog had been declared dangerous.  This means, among other things, that the dog cannot be off property without a muzzle.

This photo shows one of the owners walking the pit bull without a muzzle reportedly after it was deemed dangerous and must be wearing one.
The code enforcement officer told Mitchell that there have been problems with pit bulls in Eldorado for a while.  The Eldorado mayor had said that he didn't agree with "Doc Morris'" first assessment which included calling substantial lacerations "scratches" to minimize what the pit bull had done.  And many city leaders are frustrated with the Illinois state statutes and Doc Morris' stance on letting mauling pit bulls maul. (youtube video)
Eldorado - Dr. Clifford Morris, the Saline County Animal Control Administrator has declared the pit bull that dug out of it's yard,  charged over to a shih tzu and killed him is NOT vicious for a couple of idiotic reasons. The City Attorney, C. Marty Watson, and the county state's attorney Mike Henshaw agree with Dr. Morris that there is absolutely nothing they can do but wait for another pet to be killed or another person to be hurt, and the neighbors just have to suck it up and take their maulings like good little constituent voters.

Morris decided that he is not only a veterinarian and head of animal control, but he's also hearing officer and a judge and he can just circumvent the entire legal system.  FYI Dr. Morris, when a dog breaks containment, charges over to another dog and kills him in a protracted mauling off property and unprovoked, THAT DESERVES A HEARING.

First, Morris says that the shih tzu wasn't on its property or on a leash either.  SO WHAT, one has to ask?  Did the shih tzu's unleashed state in any way contribute to the pit bull's attack?  No.  The pit bull dug under a fence and charged over to the small puppy and killed him.  A leash could not have magically protected the shih tzu.  If you want to be gross and disgusting, Dr. Morris, you can give the owners a ticket for their sweet dead puppy terribly mauled to death at the feet of their son, but merely breaking a leash law does not mean that it is open season for a pit bull to maul a small puppy to death.  And it certainly does not alter the viciousness of the unprovoked, off property killing.

Second, the good Dr. Morris interpreted the frantic acts to save a little dog whose stomach was ripped open as an assault on the pit bull that justified the pit bull biting two people while off property and engaged in an unprovoked attack.  This is nothing short of despicable.  In what universe is protecting your small innocent dog from being ripped apart considered assault?  Morris also feels that dogs can bite people as long as they don't break the skin or inflict what he calls "scratches."

Third, Dr. Morris refused to find the pit bull vicious under Eldorado's ordinance, which supported the designation even though the state animal control ordinance specifies that local governments may enact stricter laws.

What has been lost in most reporting is that the owner failed to vaccinate the pit bull and in a previous incident, this pit bull bit another neighbor:
"City Attorney C. Mart Watson said just because the dog has a documented history of violence — another neighbor, Daniel Kinsey, was also bitten by the dog earlier this year — it cannot automatically be declared vicious by the village."

The end result is that the vicious pit bull is allowed to stay in the neighborhood to attack more pets and people before anything is done about it.  Dr. Morris, the future blood spilled is on your hands as well as the owner's because it is your JOB to use every resource at your disposal to protect people and innocent pets - and in that case, that includes the completely legal local ordinance that could have deemed this pit vicious.  It is your JOB to interpret law in a light most favorable to the safety and sanctity of the human and innocent pet community, not to protect a vicious animal that WILL attack again, there is no doubt of that.

The little shih tzu's family says they are considering legal action against the city of Eldorado, I support them in that.  I would also suggest that they read what transpired in Godfrey, Il.  Pit bull attack victims were revictimized by bumbling, ineffectual, cowardly public officials there.  It took the victim college student herself to get the pit bull that attacked her declared vicious and put down.  She could do what grown men and women who were elected to run the town of Godfrey could not.  And Charlie's owners can do the same thing under Illinois law:

(510 ILCS 5/15) (from Ch. 8, par. 365) 
The Administrator, State's Attorney, Director or any citizen of the county in which the dog exists may file a complaint in the circuit court in the name of the People of the State of Illinois to deem a dog to be a vicious dog.

And this is why Dr. Clifford Morris,  City Attorney C. Marty Watson, and county state's attorney Mike Henshaw are full of it.  If they believe that pit is vicious - which it is - they can file a complaint with the circuit court and put it in a judge's hands to interpret the law correctly and using case precedents.  Don't be like Godfrey officials; don't make the victims do your job for you.

And then, do the right thing and inact ordinances modeled after Lake county's new dog aggressive section of their vicious dog ordinance that has  enabled to the Lake county health department to have the pit bull that killed a shih tzu in July put down.

Read more:
Daily Register  Accessed: 2013-08-03.(Archived by WebCite® at
WPSD local 6
Disclosure News Online

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July 31, 2013 Plainfield pit bull nearly takes man's thumb off

Plainfield - A pit bull mix tied outside a 7-eleven store nearly took a man's thumb off when the man approached the pit bull mix.

The owner took off and has not yet been found.

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Jul 30, 2013 Pit bulls: It's not the training, it's the breeding

By Karl Knudsen

A friend of ours in Denver was attacked this week by two dogs. Before I tell you what breed they were, can you guess? Our friend was jogging near his home in a park and the dogs tore into him with a vengeance, chewing up his face, arms and legs before he jumped into a lake to escape them.

While a witness called police, this strong healthy man was chewed up by two dogs … both of the same breed. He didn't have a good pocket gun with him to protect himself. Police finally showed up and both dogs are in quarantine. Colorado and Illinois officials have forced up on us laws that supposedly protect us from guns … even the legally-owned guns. Too bad my friend didn't have one. Both can be helpful and both can be deadly but let's stay on the dog topic for now.

In our area, we've had multiple dog attacks and it just so happens that most of the attacks are perpetrated by the same breed of dog. In Dispatch stories from March 26, May 13 and June 4 you can view samples. Even before I mention the breed I know that a few pulses are beating faster as certain dog owners and breeders are ready to defend this breed of dogs. And yes, you guessed right, it was a pair of pit bulls that attacked my friend.

A quote from The Dispatch story of June 11, details the mauling death of Ryan Maxwell, of Galesburg. "Maxwell had played with the dog before and the animal hadn't been aggressive." Two others attacked the dog owner and his toddler in their Florida home a few weeks ago. The list is long.

Over lunch the other day, a friend who owns and loves dogs was discussing the possibility that with proper training a pit bull would never hurt someone. Hold on. He said the problem isn't just the training, it's the breeding. Those dogs were bred to be powerful, aggressive animals with the strength to kill. That breeding is not in a dog owner's manual or at a dog training class, it's in their DNA. You might suppress it, but you'll never know when something unexpected might trigger what is already in that animal … the ability to hurt or kill. It's bred that way.

I know that Cesar Millan (the dog whisperer) strongly disagrees but it's hard to argue with the fact some breeds have deadly potential and others don't.

My boss made a few visits with me last year to homes in this area and he was viciously attacked by a dog in the driveway of a home, with the owner standing right there. If it weren't for some fancy dancing and kicking, that little Chihuahua might have ripped his fancy pants. But it wasn't capable of maiming him.

I was walking in my block on the sidewalk the other day and a large pit bull came running toward me. I'd seen him before and the owner was right there. As a matter of fact the owner shouted at the dog to stop. The dog did not obey. I stood motionless until it was clear I wasn't going to be chewed on. "Oh he just looks mean, he's never hurt anybody." Add the word "yet" and the story becomes complete. Hasn't hurt anyone yet.

My question is, why own a pit bull? Is it macho? Is it cool because gangster thugs have them? If you want home protection, how about a Great Pyrenees. There's a breed that loves people and you never read about them ripping up family members, yet their size and bark make them protective … not aggressive. It is arrogant to assume you are such a great trainer or owner that your pit bill would never attack a friend. It's in the breeding … still there despite your training.
Karl Knudsen, of Rock Island, is a former radio announcer who is now in estate planning.

Read more:

Jul 29, 2013 Zion teen receives $1.125 million after bullmastiff attack

Zion - A Zion teen attacked by a dog received the largest settlement for a dog attack in Illinois history, according to Salvi, Schostok & Pritchard, a personal injury firm.

The firm obtained a $1.125 million settlement July 29 on behalf of a 17-year-old Zion boy who was attacked by a dog while riding his bike. The settlement was approved by Judge Diane E. Winter in the circuit court of Lake County. Previously, the largest dog bite settlement reached in Illinois was $835,000, also in Lake county.

On June 29, 2011, then 15 year old Jordon Bankston, was riding his bike home with a group of friends, when a 120-pound Bullmastiff named Kong escaped from a fenced-in-yard in Zion. Kong attacked the 100 lb boy and mauled him for at least 10 minutes. Two adults could not pull the dog off until someone used a lit cigarette to burn the dog's nose. The boy spent a week in the hospital to be treated for traumatic puncture and laceration injuries to his legs, thigh, buttocks arms, shoulder and head which required surgery.  The boy has lasting psychological trauma.

“This was an alarming incident that should not have happened,” said Patrick Salvi, a lawyer with the firm. “Dog owners need to be responsible for the animals they own."  Kong has previously bitten another person and an animal and eight 911 calls were logged regarding Kong.

The owner, EDDIE DIAZ, was insured to $1.3 million by American Family Insurance.  The attack was not reported online at the time it occurred.

In a side bar, the News Sun notes animal bite statistics for Lake county.  Dogs bit roughly 1500 people and about 580 domestic animals were bitten by other domestic animals or wild animals.

New legislation passed this year allows county animal control to impound animals immediately after biting and holding them, at the owner's expense, until a dangerous/vicious dog hearing is held.  This new law pertains only to unincorporated Lake county.  Residents living in incorporated cities are not protected by this new ordinance and a dangerous dog can remain with the owner until a hearing.

Read more:
Lake County Journal
News Sun

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Jul 24, 2013 Eldorado pit bull kills puppy and bites two people

Eldorado - A pit bull named Memphis dug under a fence to get to a shih tzu puppy and kill it in front of its 13 year old owner.

The boy and a woman who tried to stop the attack were bitten by the pit bull. The family is traumatized, especially Jonathon, the thirteen year old who witness the horrible killing.

The pit bull's owner wants the dog back.  No one else in the neighborhood wants the pit bull to come back, but town official don't seem to know what the local and state ordinances empower them to do.

Local official believe that the pit bull can be deemed vicious according to local ordinances but not according to state laws. However, there is a provision in the law that specifically permits municipalities to enact more stringent ordinances than the Illinois law provides.

(510 ILCS 5/24) (from Ch. 8, par. 374) Sec. 24.
...nor shall anything in this Act be construed to, in any manner, limit the power of any municipality or other political subdivision to further control and regulate dogs, cats or other animals in such municipality or other political subdivision…

Taking this to the State's attorney is the right thing to do here if officials do not believe they can euthanized the dog under local ordinances.  However, Saline county and counties across Illinois ought to go the route of Lake county Illinois and enact dangerous  dog ordinances that allow local health departments make decisions about whether the dog can be removed and put down for the sake of public safety.

ACC-1201.2.4 Animal-aggressive Dog Dispositions:
In the provision of an animal-aggressive determination notification pursuant to Section ACC-1201.2.3 of this Chapter, the Administrator shall, based upon the evidence of the severity of the attack and/or previous history of other similar attack(s), determine the disposition of the dog, which may include any one or a combination of the following requirements:
A) Enforcement of any or all of the requirements of a dangerous dog determination pursuant to Section ACC-1201.1 of this Chapter;
B)Requiring that the dog be kept in an enclosure approved by the Health Officer, and only allowed out of the enclosure to obtain veterinary care, in case of emergency where the dog’s life is threatened, or to comply with an order of the court;
C)Humanely euthanizing the dog.

Read more:

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