May 18, 2015 Chicago Pit Bull Kills Two Little Dogs in Lakeview

Chicago - Two little dogs were massacred by a pit bull around 9 pm Saturday night in upscale Lakeview on the north side of the city.

In typically bizarre Chicago reporting , WGN called this horrific dog attack on small dogs a dogfight which the pit bull SURVIVED. Seriously? Are they that delusional in Chicago that they think the little dogs were fighting with a pit bull and that the pit bull's life was in jeopardy?

Animal Care and Control arrived at the scene and took the pit bull, but, as always, refuses to provide any information about what they're doing with the pit bull.

The grotesque scene - when authorities arrived, the owner of a small dog was weeping over the two little dead dog victims and someone else was caressing the pit bull to "calm it." Chiraq is a pretty grotesque place.
comment from someone who says they are the owner:
They were our dogs. The most ferrying experience of my life. The pitbull killed the Maltese first. She was the most kind dog who loved children. I still can't sleep at night. Her scream haunts me. These dogs were part of our family for 7 years. 

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