Nov 26, 2012 Woodridge pit bull fatally mauls gentle maltipoo

UPDATE: More information has been received that the attacking pit bull had a previous dog attack that was not reported in exchange for the pit bull owner paying for medical bills.  And since the fatal attack on Buddy, the attacking pit bull was designated dangerous, but that did not stop the owner from negligently letting his dog run loose and it was picked up in April.  Can you imagine this dog that absolutely loves attacking and killing dogs running loose?  And NONE of this was reported in the media.

Woodridge - Ann Kramer sent in an account about the fatal pit bull attack that killed her sweet companion dog, Buddy.  She says that she wants to share the experience even though it was painful to sit and write it down.  She wants to share her story because she wants pit bull attacks to stop.  The media did not cover this.

Part of what makes sharing her story difficult is knowing she would have done things differently had she known how dangerous and lethal pit bulls are.  And now that she knows, she looks back in sorrow, feeling guilt that she should have done more to protect Buddy because Buddy  looked to her for protection.  She wants to share her story so other people can know and protect their beloved pets from pit bulls.
RIP sweet Buddy
Her story:
My experience was last year November 25th.  It was a really beautiful Sunday afternoon and my granddaughter and I had been sick for the 2 weeks before Thanksgiving.   But I felt great that day and wanted to take Buddy my little Maltipoo out for a long walk.

My Granddaughter was not with me when I decided to take Buddy for a walk, she was visiting with her mom.

I went out of my door ( I live in a condo on the 2nd floor) and started walking down the hall.  I heard something down the stairs (I had seen my neighbor walking out with their Pit Bull earlier) and figured it must be them coming back in.  So instead of going directly to the stairway, I stayed back and looked over to see who or what I could see.  I saw the dog coming up the stairs but didn't see the owner. I know the dog was on a leash but I could also tell it was a retractable leash.  I stepped back and said "I'll wait back here until you take your dog home"  I don't really know what he said maybe he said OK.  Not sure at this time. But I stayed back and was up against the wall watching the dog continue to come toward us.  I asked him "hey is your dog going to be ok?"  because at that time the dog was coming closer and I realized I wasn't far enough away from the dog.  Buddy got behind me up against the wall. The Pit came closer and I never saw the owner.  Then the dog was standing next to us against the wall looking down at Buddy.  The next thing I know was the dog just grabbed Buddy, and I started screaming "come and get your dog"  Just then I saw the owner for the first time.  But the dog took Buddy and got in another position in front of us.   At that point the owner started punching the Pit but it never let go.   At some point the owners brother came out and tried punching at the dog also but the dog never let go.   Finally and what seemed like a very long time of screaming and screaming and feeling like I was going to pass out.   I think I was screaming and crying as much as Buddy was crying.  This is so hard to go over again.  Then my neighbor came out and came running toward us and he was the one that got the Pit to let go.

I brought Buddy to the vet she had one puncture wound and two other wounds that didn't break the skin.  She had drains and stitches and they let me take her home.   But the shaking is what did the damage.  It seemed like it never ended.  She actually passed away on 11/26.

I hope that you can use my story for some good.  My sweet little Buddy wouldn't hurt a fly and I just couldn't get over how awful this was for her.  I know Buddy looked to me for protection and I feel like I failed her.  I will not ever get over how horrible this was.

Thank you, Ann, for sharing your heartbreaking story so others can save their pets.

Other pit bull attacks not reported in the media:
Aug 27, 2013 Bolingbrook police shoot pit bull attacking puggle
Jul 29, 2013 Zion teen receives $1.125 million after bullmastiff attack
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Nov 26, 2012 Kids in Chicago don't see a problem with dogfighting

Chicago - Thanks to policies and programs by Safe Humane Chicago and Best Friends Animal Society that encourage pit bull ownership in poverty stricken neighborhoods infested with dogfighting, and placing fight bust dogs back into Chicago communities, small children are now wondering what the problem with dogfighting even is.  They see it all the time, and, as 14 year old Jason Walker says, "I really don't see what the big deal is about making dogs fight.  If two dogs want to fight then how is that illegal?"

Even though Safe Humane Chicago has been propagandizing about pit bulls to kids  in Chicago communities for years, kids still don't see what the big deal about dogfighting is.  Dogfighting is still a way of life.

So, by all means, let's continue to pump more pit bulls back into impoverished neighborhoods. And, by all means, let's take fight bust dogs and put THOSE pits back in Chicago neighborhoods providing cover for the dogfighters and endangering normal dogs.

Heaven forbid we ban pit bulls, removing cover for dogfighters and the opportunity for pre-teens to fight their pet pit bulls informally, preparing them for the big league.

Let's keep working to make Chicago more dangerous and more inhumane.

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Nov 11, 2012 Kane County Health Dept. Confirms That First Responder Dawn Brown Killed By Bullmastiff

Health Dept. officials confirm that Dawn Brown's mastiff
was a bullmastiff gripping breed

Big Rock - The mastiff that killed its new owner, firefighter Dawn Brown, was a bull breed.  Just as developers of the pit bull terrier cross bred terriers with bulldogs to give them deadly gripping traits, developers of the bullmastiff were bred from 60% mastiff and 40% bulldog to create a more aggressive mastiff.

As has been widely reported, the bullmastiff was a new addition to the family and the dogs were not getting along together.  There has been speculation that Brown attempted to break up a dogfight.
Dawn Brown was a gripping breed lover.  Her two other dogs were a pit bull mix and a boxer.

The bullmastiff was euthanized.

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BND  Accessed: 2012-11-22. (Archived by WebCite® at
CBS Chicago Accessed: 2012-11-22. (Archived by WebCite® at

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Nov 16, 2012 Dog attacked by pit bull then fatally shot by police

Champaign - While attempting to save a labrador that was being attacked by a pit bull, police accidentally shot the labrador.

The victim dog was an exceedingly well-trained, gentle labrador retriever that was a beloved and cherished pet.  The owner's daughter had to witness a protracted attack by an aggressive pit bull and then see her dog shot dead.

The young woman was walking her dog on a leash when a pit bull ran up to them for the express purpose of attacking her dog.  The woman and another person tried to kick the pit bull off the lab, but when police arrived, the pit bull was still attacking the lab.

In an attempt to kill the pit bull and save the labrador, a police officer accidentally fatally shot the labrador.

The story on Illinois headlines this as a dog fight when it is revealed that the victim dog was an exceedingly well-trained, gentle dog.  This was NOT a dog fight.  This was an attack by a fighting breed dog on a beloved, cherished and well-trained pet in a supposedly civilized society.

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The news-Gazette

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Nov 12, 2012 Wilmette neighbors band together to sue pit bull owner

Wilmette - Four neighbors, concerned for the safety of their neighborhood, have reluctantly banded together to sue pit bull owner MEGAN ALBRIGHT and her parents.

Her pit bull has gotten out and acted aggressively three times and in a neighborhood where at least 40 children reside, no one wants to wait for an attack to happen.

It is alleged in the lawsuit that MEGAN's father has admitted that the pit bull is "mean" and MEGAN has said that the pit bull can't go to a kennel because it will attack the other animals.

MEGAN is very active in pit bull rescue and contends on her facebook page (which has since been set to private) that the neighbors just don't want a pit bull in the neighborhood and the loose black dog that has been seen in the neighborhood is really a black lab.

John Grady, a neighbor, said, “This is a very sad situation. I really like my neighbors, but “we are not waiting for the first bite, which could mean tragedy for a child.”

Please note that MEGAN ALBRIGHT undoubtedly sees herself as a responsible and knowledgeable owner who deems herself able to educate the public about pit bulls.  Meanwhile, her neighborhood is being held hostage by her loose pit bull.  It is not pit bull owners that educate people; the pit bulls themselves are educating us.

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WGNTV  Accessed: 2012-11-12. (Archived by WebCite® at

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Nov 07, 2012 Loose pit bulls attack and kill cat un Ukrainian Village

Chicago - "This morning around 8 am Smith Park resident was getting out of her car in the 2500 block of Superior when she observed 2 off-leash pit bulls heading towards her. When she didn't see an owner, she quickly went inside her fence. At this point a stray cat that several neighbors feed crossed their path. They immediately pounced on the cat killing her. Carrying the dead cat, the dogs headed away from the neighbor, so she ran back to her car and started following them."

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