Apr 25, 2012 Dangerous pit bulls on N. Sheffield ave in Chicago

Chicago - Has anyone had any negative interactions with a pit bull named Madison (AKA Patches) living near Sheridan and Byron? This dog recently attacked my dog and bit me, and I know it has a history of several attacks on dogs in the neighborhood- specifically near Seminary and Byron, near the cemetary. Animal Control and CPD have been slow to react to this dangerous animal in the neighborhood.

I'm curious to know what the owner looks like? If its a middle aged man with blonde hair, then yes I've had two separate interactions with him and the dog.
I just keep my dog away and cross the street when he approaches. He isn't aware just how serious of an issue his dog has.
It's important to contact the police and file a report. Especially
If the dog bit you and broke the skin. This way if the dog should bite someone again there's a record of it.

Hi Grace. Sounds like a different dog and owner. This dog is owned by a white female with short hair, late 20's, approximately 5'4".

I have filed a police report and Animal Control has been contacted. Thanks.