May 27, 2013 Pit bull attacks in Southern Illinois

Southern Illinois - Updates on a few pit bull attacks.

Dustin Keith of Carterville reported that his daughter was attacked by a pit bull in Anna in Union county, IL.

Keith wants to get the word out that owners are not adhering to leash and restraint laws and are creating a danger for the public.

In Williamson county, Tonya Holland is finally going to pre-trial for the nearly fatal attack her pit bulls inflicted on a 5 year old Winston Bankston in Bush, IL.

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May 15, 2013 Macomb city leaders attempt to control pit bull attacks with dangerous dog laws.

Macomb - The city has had 5 dog attacks on people and dogs in the last 6 months including a fatal mauling of a dog by a pit bull that broke through a fence for the express purpose of killing little yorkie being walked on a leash in front of his terrified and traumatized owner.
RIP Hardy
The mayor has said he wants to prevent the kind of fatal mauling attack that happened to Ryan Maxwell. Though, the proposed ordinance has some good elements, it will do nothing to prevent a first attack:

Increased fines for owners of dogs who repeatedly violate city ordinances.
Muzzling and maybe euthanizing a dog that's been deemed dangerous.
And a creation of a vicious dog registry.