Apr 30, 2015 Illinois Pit Bull Abuse Roundup

These pages don't usually track abuse of pit bulls or pit bull owner/breeder drama, but this past week pit bull owners, breeders, and professional advocates have outdone themselves.  It has been said that pit bull owners and "expert" rescuers are a pit bull's worst enemy.  These accounts validate that observation.

Chicago - Workers found a pit bull that had been forgotten in a Chicago Animal Care and Control van for a "few" days after an adoption event at a Chicago Wolves game.  The pit bull was found Thursday or Friday and the most recent previous Chicago Wolves game was the previous Sunday.  She had to be removed from the adoption event because she was "having problems."  She was "barely alive" when she was found.  But, no charges because it was an accident. 
Four Legged Friends and Enemies

Waukegan - A man viciously killed three of his pit bulls with a sledgehammer, a claw hammer, and a plastic bag and then buried the bodies in his backyard.
Chicago Sun Times

Chicago  - a backyard breeder claims that armed and masked robbers stole three pit bulls at gunpoint.  He contends that his pit bulls are worth $15,000 (or more) a piece.  One shot was fired.  These masked thieves of backyard bred pit bulls were able to avoid being seen on any of the neighborhood surveillance cameras.
NBC Chicago