Mar 06 2012 Pit Bulls seriously maul two dogs in Logan Square

Chicago - The system is broken in Chicago.  First of all, this serious dog mauling was never reported in the media, and by reading some of the comments in the local neighborhood website, you'll quickly see why: pit bull attacks are so common in Chicago, they don't rate as news anymore.  That's how bad it is.

Pit bulls can attack one human and two dogs in serial attacks and the dogs are not removed from the pit bull owner.

Victim owners pay tens of thousands of dollars to heal their dogs.  They reach out to every local dog owners association, court advocate, press the police, animal control and the courts for results and get nowhere.

But by all means, let's not ban pit bulls.  Let's adopt out fight bust dogs right back into the community.

The following comments are from the dog owners' sites and from comment in a local neighborhood sharing website.

From Remmy's owner's Tumblr page:
"I was walking our dog Remmy down Logan Blvd. on Tuesday 3/6/12 in the morning as usual, and as I come to the corner of Logan and Francisco (north side of the street), I see this small pit off-leash attacking another little dog on leash with two owners.
One owner is trying to get the small pit to stop to no avail, he grabs a brick hitting it on the head and neck. Still no dice. Meanwhile, I’m calling 911.
Out of nowhere another small pit comes running up and starts attacking. Guy hits that one, too, and it turns, sees Remmy down the street and comes at her. Other one follows suit, and the shit hits the fan.
Owner comes running out, can only subdue one, while the other tears up Remmy’s back leg. Cops finally show up, owner takes one pit away while Remmy lays by herself on the sidewalk. Why? Because I have to hold the fucking pit or it will attack Remmy again.
Finally gets the other dog out of there, cops talk him in, blah blah blah. We’ll see how this plays out in court, and with Remmy’s mental health once her physical wounds heal. I am beyond angry right now…"
From Lucky's (lab/border collie) owner's facebook page:
"Our dog had surgery on one leg and multiple bites on the other legs and on her body. Ed got bit in the hand and somehow, I did not get bit, even though I held on to my dog to protect her against the pits. Ed hit the pit on the head with a brick several times before he let go of our dog, and then attacked the other dog and the 2nd pit worked as a team in the attacks. Police and the dogs’ owner finally arrived after the attacks.
Despite her injuries and the terror of the attack, she is doing well."

From comments by neighbors about the attack on everyblock Chicago website:
I'm so sorry to hear about Remmy!  My dog was also attacked in Logan Square by two pit bulls…andy chance they fit this description? 
It happens quite a bit…I have neighbors on the next block with two huge white pits that get out regularly and have chased the neighbors back in their homes!
No.  The owner was not arrested, pits were not confiscated.  It is very scary that we cannot safely walk our dogs.  The pit owner & us have a court date issued by City of Chicago.
Did the cops say why they wouldn't arrest the guy nor take the dogs away?  That is crazy as it's a significant public safety hazar.  It is stunning that the police didn't move on this to protect the pulic as the laws are in place.
Lucky, the other victim dog's owner - 4 squads and an ambulance arrived soon after our calls.  although it seemed like forever.  The police arrived after the pits owner finally came because he realized his dogs got out and followed the screams.  The attacks happened very quickly.  When I asked the police who the pits owner was, or any other question, they said you will be called with the report.  I later found out Animal Control arrived after everyone was already gone.  The pits were taken back to their yard by the pits owner.  I did get a voicemail from the police with a police report number and a court date when we got home from the vet and emergency care.
Unfortunately this is common.  I was recently told by my groomer who is in Logan Square that there is a pit owner who purposefully walks his dog off leash to allow his pit to attack other dogs. (all I know is thiat it is a large white non nutured male dog)  It is not fair that we must be terrified to walk our pets.
I got to say way more pit bulls on this side of the Kennedy.  I'm even afraid of the ones on leashes.  Dudes walking two at a time, struggling - leashes pulled tight.  Thands for the heads up on mace.  I'm getting some today.
Lucky, the other victim dog's owner - Yes, carry mace and a walking stick or long umbrella with a point. something to help protect you and your dog, just in case.  The attack happened quickly and we did not have anything until my husband found a brick and even then it took many hits before the attack dogs let go and then attacked the 2nd dog.  My husband then went to help the 2nd victim.  We are all healing.  Remmy, the 2nd dog attcked still has a long road ahead of her before she can even walk.  Being attacked like this also takes a psychological toll
Lucky's owner:
Last name of owner: rodriguez
Location: 2600 block of N Mozart, near Logan Blvd
Dogs: Two pits, one fawn brown, orne blck and white both are medium sized approx 1.5-2 years old
Allegedly escaped from the yard by "shewing the lock off the gate" according to Mr. Rodriguez.  He also mentioned, "My dogs don't attack people, they only attack dogs."

Lucky's injuries cost about $1,000 and Remmy's injuries cost over $18,000.  Luckily, the owners have a lot of friends and a wide social network and were able to raise the money in chipin donations.

From Remmy's owner's website:

Keep in mind, this doesn’t cover my medical bills (orthopedic visit, X-ray, MRI, hand surgeon consult, custom splint, etc.):

Initial visit to VCA: $1262.48
Follow-up visit to VCA: $1055.16
Initial estimate at the Emergency Vet Center: $2150
Additional cost at the Emergency Vet Center: $2172.06
Balance from the Emergency Vet Center hospital stay: $3639
Reconstructive surgery: $3700
Bandage changes x7: $700
Overnight stay + care due to seizure: $495
Ongoing bandage changes (estimated at 5 more?): $500
Additional surgical estimate (closing remaining wounds + possible grafts): $3000
Grand total: ~ $18462.57

Remmy's owner's post "The system is completely broken"

Just came back from the Administrative Hearing for Luis Rodriguez the owner of the two pit bills who attacked Remmy (who lives on the 2600 block of N. Mozart in Logan Square). Short version, I can’t believe my eyes and ears.
Several things occurred, surprisingly none of which involved myself, or the other victims Ed & Dana. Why? Are you ready for this?
I was not listed on the ticket issued to Mr. Rodriguez, even though I was on the incident report
No witness statement was taken at the scene, even though the police acted as if it was, not was this witnesses name listed on the ticket
Because they had an open schedule (and no doubt since there were no other names listed on the ticket) they started the hearing about 15 minutes early.
Had I been there earlier than I was (I was about 10 minutes early) the lawyers for the city could’ve taken my statement, had more evidence against Mr. Rodriguez, and, ultimately, he would have faced higher penalties.
Unfortunately, the city’s lawyers entered into a plea agreement with Mr. Rodriguez, devoid of ANY input from myself or from Ed & Dana.
Yes, he was found libel, but libel is just a fraction of the whole thing. What’s next? We have to start over, this time with Animal Care & Control, and talk to an inspector to see if they’ll re-open the charges against Mr. Rodriguez. It’s obvious to us the case was handled poorly by the cops (read: really fucking sloppy), and it’s odd and annoying that they started the hearing early, but then again we weren’t listed so how would they have known?
I’m beyond pissed off right now, and it’s all because of a system that’s broken. Meanwhile, I’m letting a tear in a ligament in my thumb heal

The legal side…

Many of you have been asking about the legal side of this whole thing, and whether or not we’re pursuing this guy to make sure he pays these vet bills. Yes, we are, and have talked to a lawyer. I don’t want to go into the details of it here, but we will know more this week. Fact is, we don’t really know what the full deal is with this guy. Is he the homeowner (we don’t believe he is), does even live there or was he a visitor? We still can’t get a straight answer. Is there homeowner’s insurance involved and if so does the policy exclude ‘dangerous’ dogs? Many policies do. Does he have a job, and if so how long will it take to pay back if wages are garnished? Will be even be found libel? Sure, it’s pretty obvious, but let’s remember this is a court of law, and stranger things have happened. Consequently, yes, there is a court date, one month from today.
I can tell you we aren’t going to let this one get swept under the rug. We’re going to the monthly meeting for the Logan Square Dog Park tomorrow night where it would seem this attack is on the agenda. A woman involved with the Park says there’s a court advocate who deals with dog attacks, so we’re going to get that info and see if they can help in any way and be there for the court date.
On a side note, we still cannot confirm whether or not the dogs were taken by Animal Control, which leads us to believe they are still with the owner. The same owner that said, “My dogs don’t attack people, they only attack dogs.”

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