Jan 25, 2016 Joliet Pit Bull Attacks Prompt Demands for Tougher Vicious Dog Laws

JOLIET – Residents who have faced attacks by vicious dogs demanded on Monday that the city toughen up ordinances they said now leave neighbors vulnerable to attacks.
They included Greg Hidlebaugh, who shot one of two pit bulls who were attacking him, his wife and their dog Jan. 15 in the Timbers Edge Villas subdivision.
Hidlebaugh and other residents from the subdivision said the same two dogs have repeatedly attacked or chased people in the subdivision, and nothing has been done to stop them.
“The city police come out. Animal Control is called. Nothing gets done,” Hidlebaugh said. “This is an ongoing thing, and nothing gets done.”
The residents’ comments added some urgency to the Joliet City Council Legislative and Land Use Committee’s review of the city’s vicious dog ordinance Monday, which started out as a matter of clarifying language in the ordinance without making major changes.
Seven different residents spoke out about personal experiences dealing with vicious dogs.
“We live in a nice community, and everyone’s walking around with sticks in their hands,” said Tina Magro, another Timbers Edge Villas resident.
Hidlebaugh pointed out one of his neighbors in the audience, a 70-year-old man who was chased into his house by the two pit bulls one day when he went to get his newspaper.

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