Jul 15, 2014 Pit Bull Owners Stiff Cabbie, Sic Pit Bull on Police Who Shoot it

Joliet - Real winner pit bull owners, who police say appeared very wasted, stiffed a cabbie in front of their house.  When the cabbie called police, the couple refused to talk to police, threatened to sic their crazy pit bull on them, and then did sic their crazy aggressive pit bull on police who were forced to shoot and kill it.  The pit bull owners were charged with several offenses including possession of drug paraphernalia, battery and theft of labor.

Such a lovely tribute for the mauler unleashed on the police
BL  - is that jim beam
DN - Damn thing's got a saddle on him.
Joyce Lewandowski- you funny D! that's his harness,,,lmao,,lmfao
DN - and who's gonna stop him if he wanes to run? he could pull a car
RARS - Beautiful dog!! Oh you too Joyce.
Joyce Lewandowski - can't stop him dave thats why i thinkn bout the shock collar,,,he's a beast, and a lap puppy

Joyce Lewandowski - That dogs beautiful,,yes em is,,yex em is,,,,
KD - We have to take this picture have it printed and framed because he is a beautiful dog and this is a beautiful picture. yez he is...yez he is... but he's a mean SOB
Joyce Lewandowski - He was laying on my leg, he was so happy I was home, prob.  Wont leave him that long again, it was sweet to see how much he loves me, but terribly pitt a full...
KD - Aww.  I wish he was nicer I would have come over there and been with him so he wouldn't have been alone you know sit with him lay with him and stuff like that poor baby....

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