Dec 30, 2010 Seven Arrested at Maywood Dogfight in Progress

MAYWOOD - Seven people were arrested and two wounded pit bulls rescued by sheriff's police who raided a dogfight in progress in the west suburbs last week.

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Dec 29, 2010 Chicago Heights Police Blotter

 Dog Problem
Chicago Heights - A 38-year-old woman in the 800 block of Willow Drive told police there were two pit bull dogs running around the area and chasing people. The responding officer was chased by the dogs and yelled at them to get away before firing two shots and wounding one of the dogs, according to the police report. The dogs' owner, Raven Hayes, 33, was issued six citations in connection with the incident.

Chicago Heights Patch  Accessed: 2012-05-24. (Archived by WebCite® at

Dec 23, 2010 Luciano: Not the breed, but the need for safety

Peoria – A recent - and ridiculous - hullabaloo over a Tazewell County pit bull shows why a lot of us get so put off by advocates for the breed.

Already, at just that first paragraph, pit bull apologists are plinking madly at their keyboards to bombard me and this newspaper with e-mails. Save it. I know the arguments.
And it's worse when people such as Catherine Hedges just don't know when to draw the line at advocacy. You want to talk about the merits of pit bulls? OK. But when one goes bad, don't make excuses. Otherwise, we start to think you and your dogs are nothing but trouble.

By Phil Luciano
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Dec 16, 2010 Officer shoots dog during burglary call

ROCKFORD - A Rockford police officer shoots and kills a dog that came after him during a burglary call.
The incident happened Wednesday evening in the area of 4300 Red Coat Road. There were two calls to the area, one for a burglary and one for a pitbull that had people pinned into their car.
The officer was investigating the burglary when the dog charged at him and that's when he shot and killed the dog.

Dec 03, 2010 Mt. Vernon Police - Aggressive pit bull

Mt. Vernon - Police responded to a report of a loose, aggressive pit bull on Wednesday in the 800 block of South 21st Street.

Mt. Vernon Register News  Accessed: 2012-07-16. (Archived by WebCite® at

Dec 03, 2010 Veterinarian accused of covering up dogfighting

by Steve Schmadeke, Matthew Walberg and Jeremy Gorner

PARK FOREST - A Park Forest veterinarian whose troubled disciplinary past includes allegations of substandard care that left pets dead, "drooling into" a dog during surgery and watering down vaccines to boost profits has been criminally charged for allegedly failing to report dog fighting.