Jun 26, 2014 Vernon Hills Pit Bull Attacks Woman and Dog

UPDATE: This pit bull attack that required police to kill the pit bull was only the second time a Vernon Hills police officer has fired a weapon in public.

The pit bull's owner has been located.  She says the pit bull pushed past her through an open door as she was about to take the pit bull for a walk.

She was charged with having a stray dog and maintaining a vicious animal, police said. She is next scheduled to appear in court in Mundelein on Aug. 14.
Vernon Hills - Another little dog and its owner were attacked by a pit bull while they were out for a walk.  It took four to six people with shovels and extension cords to get the pit bull off the victims.
File photo of miniature doberman pinscher

The miniature doberman pinscher was badly hurt in the accident and the owner's hands were injured.  When police arrived, the pit bull returned and police shot and killed it.

Vernon Hills is just 35 miles from West Chicago where a little yorkie was killed by pit bulls that escaped from a woman operating a pit bull rescue.

This more completely unnecessary carnage.  We don't have to have fighting dogs in our communites.

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Jun 25, 2014 West Chicago Dog Rescuer Allows Her Own Pit Bulls to Kill for the Second Time

West Chicago - The video shows a pretty neighborhood to which a pit bull "rescuer" has brought completely needless senseless and unnecessary pain, suffering, fear, loss, death and mourning.

83 year old Bonnie Price was walking her 8 year old little dog Yorkie Toto when two pit bulls escaped their home for the purpose of killing Toto.  They jumped on Toto and knocked Price down.  Price fought for her little dog's life, and was bitten on the hand and legs.  Price needed stitches for her injuries.

She could not save Toto.  A neighbor grabbed a shovel and began beating the maulers in the head, which may have saved her life.

Laura Ekstrom, another neighbor, said the same pit bulls attacked and killed Macy, her 12 year old Papillon-poodle mix.

These small dogs were cherished companions to both their owners.

Savage attacks by pit bull "rescuers" is becoming an epidemic across the nation. This must stop.

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Jun 24, 2014 Wilmette Pit Bull Attacked 13 Year Old Whippet

Wilmette - Police issued local ordinance tickets to Marcin Wysocki, 32, of 3264 Sprucewood Ave., for having an unlicensed dog and for having a dog which bit another dog, following a June 13 incident at that address. Police said a Wilmette resident told them she had been walking her 13-year-old whippet in front of Wysockiʼs address, when a 4-year-old bull terrier ran out of the open garage, racing for her dog. The woman lifted her pet up into her arms, but the bull terrier was still able to bite her dogʼs hind end. She took her dog to a veterinarian, and he eventually received nine stitches to repair the damage of the bite.

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Jun 24, 2014 Mount Vernon Pit bull attacked a 9-year-old neighbor boy

Mount Vernon - A dog bite incident remains under investigation following an incident Saturday at 15 Cottage St. Susan Wolfe reported that her 9-year-old son, Anthony Wolfe, had been bitten by a neighbor’s Pit Bull.

Cedarhurst Center for the Arts in Mount Vernon
This town doesn't need pit bulls
Mrs. Wolfe told Mount Vernon Police Officer Jeremiah Armstrong that a neighbor’s dog ran into her yard and bit her son while he was playing in his yard. Anthony was said to have holes in his shirt and shorts plus a puncture wound on his upper right leg.

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Jun 23, 2014 Norridge Pit bull Escapes Fenced Yard Attacks Dog and Owner

Norridge - Vincenzo Recchia, 46, of 4900 N. Chester Ave., Norridge, was cited after police said his pit bull attacked another dog on Chester Avenue and Ainslie Avenue June 11 at 10:12 a.m. Police said Recchia left his dog in the gated backyard of his home and it somehow escaped and attacked the dog while it was being walked by its owner. Recchia was cited for having no village-issued license tag for his dog, no proof of rabies vaccinations and for not having the dog on a leash. The owner of the dog that was bitten was also treated to a bite on her hand, police said.

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Norridge-Harwood Heights News

Jun 19, 2014 Peoria Pit Bull Bites One Man and Menaces Another Before Being Shot by Police

South Peoria - Loose pit bulls caused a disruption on the 2100 block of West Howett st. on Wednesday.  One man drove away from his home rather than confront the pit bulls, another man was bitten and chased onto a car and a third man was chased on his bicycle.  Police were forced to shoot one of the pit bulls when the pit bull menaced them.  Police had to maintain the area, telling children they must go inside to safety until animal "services" could get there to contain the animals.

A South Peoria man was driving in the 2100 block of West Howett Street shortly before 4:30 p.m. Wednesday when he saw two pit bulls in his front yard, according to a report on the incident.

The man decided to drive around the block one more time to wait for the dogs to leave. When the witness came back to his house, the larger of the two pit bulls had bitten a man in the hand, drawing blood. The man who had been attacked climbed on top of a car to escape the dog’s charges, and the two pit bulls began to chase another man on his bike.

Interestingly, Peoria has no animal control.  They have Peoria County Animal Protection Services that is a collaboration between the Humane Society and Peoria county Veterinary Medical Assoc. with no mission statement to protect the public.  They state they will "enforce state, county and city animal control and welfare laws, consistent with [each] city's level of contractual service."  Giving animal control duties to humane societies is the equivalent of turning policing duties over to social services organizations.  Both animal cops and humane services are important and should work together, but they are not the same and it is dangerous to forget this.  We need animal control with a stated purpose to protect people and animals from dangerous animals and irresponsible owners.

Under "How To Report Animal Bites" there is this interesting paragraph:
"Even if an attack can be explained (the pet was scared, the child stepped on the pet's tail, the pet is afraid of people in uniform), it can rarely be excused. If your pet shows serious aggression that professional help cannot cure, do not give the pet to someone else - least of all, someone who wants a "mean" pet.  Pets obtained for purposes that make aggression a "desirable" trait almost invariably lead miserable lives. They are also likely to attack someone else in the future. Giving your pet away will only perpetuate the problem. And, you could be liable if your pet bit another person after you've given it away. If you feel you must give up your pet, call Peoria County Animal Protection Services."

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Journal Star
Peoria county Animal Protection Services

Jun 08, 2014 Homer Glen Bans Vicious Dogs After Cane Corso and Pit Bull Attacks

Series of attacks prompts residents to petition for proposed ordinance

Homer Glen - The village didn’t have a vicious dog ordinance so when a cane corso killed Kathy Schubert’s miniature schnauzer named Buddy, the county animal control just gave the killer dog right back to the owners JEAN and THOMAS HART.

Schubert proposed an ordinance to ban dangerous and vicious dogs.  It turns out that her Buddy had been attacked by another of JEAN and THOMAS HART’S vicious dogs.  And other neighbors had their dogs attacked by loose pit bulls. Schubert gathered 60 signatures supporting her proposal.

The village passed that ordinance. It will not keep pit bulls and cane corsos from attacking.

Schubert says she has to go to weekly counseling to get over her loss of buddy.

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Chicago Tribune
Chicago Tribune

Jun 06, 2014 Southern Illinois woman Sentenced for 2010 pit bull attack

Bush - TANYA HOLLAND was sentenced to spend 30 weekends in jail for a 2010 savage and gruesome pit bull attack on five year old Winston Bankston who was life flighted to a St. Louis children's hospital and put in an induced coma.

After the 30 weekends, HOLLAND will be on probation for 30 months and not be allowed to own dogs until her probation is over.

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Jun 06, 2014 Same Granite City Pit Bulls climb another fence and kill yet another dog

UPDATE: Madison county animal control confirms that the less aggressive of the two pit bulls that have been on a months long killing rampage was put down.    Animal control wants to declare the other pit bull "dangerous" so that it has ample opportunity to kill a few more beloved pets before they euthanize the more aggressive mauler.

Granite City - Two pit bulls that have escaped owners' yard repeatedly attacked and killed up to 11 other pets, have killed again.
RIP Antoine
This time they leaped a fence to kill a 13 year old black toy poodle named Antoine in his own fenced yard.

The dogs are now impounded and it is not known if authorities will seek to have the dogs declared dangerous.  Despite all the kills these maulers have racked up already, authorities don't believe they've killed enough yet to go ahead with a vicious dog hearing.  Perhaps they're waiting for a child to be killed.

Family of the previous three victim dogs, who are pit bull lovers, have said frequently said that its not the pit bulls' fault, as if laying blame on the dogs is the point at all.  They are content to mouth the platitude that owners should be responsible, and are seemingly oblivious to the fact that if the owners of the dead chihuahua mixes or Antoine, the latest fatality, had been irresponsible and let their dogs run loose, those dogs would have killed nothing.  They are also oblivious to the fact that even responsible owners have an off moment, and it is unacceptable to keep animals that, when they escape, are determined and only want to kill in residential neighborhoods.

Antoine's mourning owners do feel the situation is ridiculous and needs to stop.

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Fox 2 Now
Fox 2 Now

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Jun 03, 2014 Lockport TWP drug investigation uncovers dogfighting - 2 fighting pit bulls "lost"

Lockport TWP - VANESSA JONES was charged with drugs crimes and six counts of dog-fighting, and one count of animal cruelty.

WHEN DEA agents arrested JONES' boyfriend, SOLOMON CARSON, at their residence, four adult pit bulls were found, but by the time animal control arrived, they only found 2 fighting bred and raised pit bulls.  Huh.

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Jun 03, 2014 Lyons Boy, 12, Attacked By Pit Bulls While Walking To Bus Stop

Lyons - A boy is recovering after being attacked by two pit bulls Monday morning as he was walked to a bus stop in suburban Lyons.

The dogs live in the neighborhood, and now the boy's mother wants the dogs removed.

Yevion Joyner was on his way to school when he ended up needing to be rushed to the hospital. The 12-year old was attacked by his neighbors' two pit bulls as he was walking to the bus stop.

"I saw two dogs come running toward me and right there I started to run and they were so big, they jumped on me and I fell," said Yevion.

The dogs ripped his clothes and tore into his skin. He suffered scratches to his nose and needed stitches in his lip and arm.

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Jun 03, 2014 Galesburg pit bull released during fist fight attacks man

What kind of dog would help you get arrested for aggravated battery causing great bodily harm during a fist fight?  The Galesburg Register Mail is making us guess because they omitted the breed description in their article.

Here's Ace, Danny Britt's pit bull:

May 29, 2014
Galesburg - Police viewed a cellphone recording of two men involved in a fist fight when one of the men, Danny Britt, let his pit bull out of a car.  The pit bull, named Ace, attacked the other man, Devon Crawford.

Crawford went to the hospital for treatment of apparent dog bites.

Britt was arrested for aggravated battery causing great bodily harm. He is free on $10,000 bail, his next court date scheduled for June 2 at 11:00 a.m.

Crawford was issued a notice to appear for battery

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Jun 02, 2014 Tinley Park Family wants to save Pit Bull That Caused a Bloodbath at Vet Clinic

UPDATE: Interview with Buddy's two victims who believe that even with restrictions, accidents happen and the pit bull should not have gone home with CONCIALDI.

UPDATE: The Cook Co. Illinois  State's Attorney ruled on Buddy in only the third vicious dog hearing since 2007 (Way to keep those vicious dogs off the street!).  Buddy has been ruled to be vicious, but he gets to go home!  He has to have a six sided enclosure in the backyard and be muzzled WHEN IN PUBLIC.  That's right, they still get to take him out into the community.  No mandated insurance mentioned. I hope Buddy's furmommy and daddy were told that if he attacks again, they'll get felony charges.

The owner of the veterinary clinic where Buddy attacked and seriously mauled two people was surprised to learn they're releasing the dog.

UPDATE: Furever Rescue owner, SHANNON SMITH, was fined $250 for Buddy's attack at the Veterinary Clinic of Tinley Park on two people for allowing a dangerous dog to bite.  Buddy (aka Sampson) had been temperament tested and had "passed with flying colors" which is not unusual for pit bulls.  Pit bulls have passed temperament tests "with flying colors" before and after attacking ponies and dogs and killing children.

Apr 01, 2014
Despite having caused a "bloodbath" Buddy (aka Sampson) is still listed as available for adoption on the Furever Rescue website.  He is still described as having "no aggression issues with food, treats, people, cats or other dogs. Sampson is a very mellow dog who truly deserves to know what the good life is. Sampson is also house trained and keeps his cage very clean."

Buddy, a 7 year old pit bull living with foster dad, ANTHONY CONCIALDI,  went to the vet to have sutures removed.  He was muzzled for the procedure, but it turned out that the sutures had fallen out by themselves.  As no procedure was necessary, Buddy's muzzle was removed.

Buddy then created what has been called a "bloodbath" by inflicting what have been called "horrendous" injuries.

"It was mere seconds after Buddy entered the exam room when the clinic erupted in growls, barks and cries for help, said the client who wished to remain anonymous. A vet tech exited the room with a "gash to her face," and someone ordered the call to 9-1-1.

"There was blood everywhere," the client said.

The attack sent at least one vet tech to the hospital via ambulance, a Cook County spokesman told the Tribune. "

First, he bit one vet tech in the face.  Then he bit a second vet tech in the arm "ripping away muscle."

Jaimie Elliot who identifies herself as an employee of the vet clinic and the daughter of one of the victims left these comments on a news story:

The foster daddy, ANTHONY CONCIALDI, after being initially horrified, has of course decided for himself and his neighborhood that Buddy should go back to him instead of being put down.

The bizarre response by the foster daddy has confused the Cook County Animal Control Administrator:
Donna Alexander, Cook County's Animal Control administrator, said Buddy's case is "probably the hardest case that I have ever had" (REALLY?) as she is balancing the dog's foster owners' affection with public safety. (No, these two things do not need to be in balance.  If public safety is an issue, "owner's affection" goes out the window.)
"I've got two things (on) my mind. I've got this wonderful dog that's got these people living with it and they love it and it sleeps in their bed, and then I've got a dog who all of the sudden goes berserk," Alexander said.
Seriously, Donna Alexander knows this was a bloodbath and has experience with vicious pit bull attacks from around the city and AT HER OWN FACILITY and she is confused about the best course of action?

The judge who is to decide what happens to the pit bull also seems to be flummoxed by the pit bull's and the foster family's bizarre behavior and is responding by still not setting a date for a vicious dog hearing.

So the head of Chicago animal control and the judge are both worried about being the bad guy to a bunch of nuts and are responding with dithering inaction.  Why not poll the foster daddy's neighborhood and find out how many children, elderly, and pets will be put in harm's way if the dog is not put down and what the neighbors think about that?  Or at least consider their existence, for the love of Mike.

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