Jun 25, 2014 West Chicago Dog Rescuer Allows Her Own Pit Bulls to Kill for the Second Time

West Chicago - The video shows a pretty neighborhood to which a pit bull "rescuer" has brought completely needless senseless and unnecessary pain, suffering, fear, loss, death and mourning.

83 year old Bonnie Price was walking her 8 year old little dog Yorkie Toto when two pit bulls escaped their home for the purpose of killing Toto.  They jumped on Toto and knocked Price down.  Price fought for her little dog's life, and was bitten on the hand and legs.  Price needed stitches for her injuries.

She could not save Toto.  A neighbor grabbed a shovel and began beating the maulers in the head, which may have saved her life.

Laura Ekstrom, another neighbor, said the same pit bulls attacked and killed Macy, her 12 year old Papillon-poodle mix.

These small dogs were cherished companions to both their owners.

Savage attacks by pit bull "rescuers" is becoming an epidemic across the nation. This must stop.

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