Jun 29, 2011 Victim Of Dog Attack Speaks Out

Chicago — Police shot a pit bulldog to death Wednesday evening after it attacked a real estate agent in front of his West Ridge home.

Victim says, “Nothing like this has ever happened to me and certainly nothing you’d expect to happen in this neighborhood."

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Jun 28, 2011 Pit Bulls Attack A Neoga Woman's Pet Dog, Owner Blames Dogs

Notice this pit bull owner and self-proclaimed rescuer who allowed his dogs to kill a chihuahua at its owner's feet wants to portray himself as a responsible owner. So, what does he do? Blame his dogs. Does this sound like a sincere apology to you?

Neoga - Two pit bulls killed this woman's dog right before her eyes.

But she fears nothing will be done about it.
The case is now in the hands of the Cumberland County state's attorney.
"I was sad about it, and I was pretty angry with the dogs," said Scott Tucker.

This pit bull owner knows his dogs made a terrible mistake. Now he's taking steps to say sorry.
Tucker rescues pit bulls and knows their tendencies, which is why he has a 6 feet high fence in his backyard.

"I made sure it's high enough that they can't jump over, it's blocked on the bottom," he said.

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Jun 15, 2011 Young victim of serious pit bull attack refusing to quit

By JASON NEVEL (jason.nevel@sj-r.com)

Springfield – Two pit bulls may have chewed up her body, but they didn’t seize Harmony Dawdy’s spirit, according to her mother, Amber Dawdy.

Four days after the dogs nearly mauled Harmony to death — coming within a millimeter of her femoral artery — Amber Dawdy said Harmony’s vital signs are strong, she’s alert, and she’s even managed to laugh.

“She’s in really good spirits considering everything that’s happened to her and all the pain that she’s going through,” her mother said. “She’s refusing to quit and continues to be as happy as she can be.”

Dawdy said the two pit bulls shredded Harmony’s left leg, left gaping wounds on her right leg, ripped part of her ear off and bit nearly every inch of her young body.

Cards welcome

Amber Dawdy, the mother of dog-attack victim Harmony Dawdy, said Wednesday a fund for monetary donations has not set up for her daughter. However, people can send cards of support to:

Care of St Johns Hospital PICU – Harmony Dawdy, 800 E. Carpenter St., Springfield, IL 62769.

Non-family visitors are not allowed to visit Harmony, she said.

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Jun 01, 2011 Pit bulls on the prowl? Residents express concern over dangerous dogs

Freeport - Freeport resident Joann Farnsworth, who has lived on West Broadway Avenue for over a decade, said she is very concerned about dangerous dogs in her neighborhood.

Last October, two loose pit bulls attacked her miniature schnauzer, Avery. The dog nearly died during the attack, and Farnsworth said Avery would have been killed if two Freeport police officers hadn’t arrived on the scene.
Hail has lived in the 400 block of West Broadway for the past 18 years. Until recently, however, the presence of pit bulls has not been a big concern.

“To me it is a new problem, probably within the last year or so,” she said.
And as the presence of dangerous dogs continues to grow, the sense of urgency is escalating in Freeport.

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