May 20, 2013 Pit bull jumps fence to get to child and maul him

Chicago - A pit bull jumped the fence of his yard for the express purpose of mauling a little boy playing in his own yard.

Animal control and the police refused to identify the breed of dog, but that fact and the seriousness of the boy's injuries made it clear that it was a pit bull that was the attacker.
Glendale Miller with all four limbs heavily bandaged
Photo credit: Craig Wall

Glendale Miller had to endure 7 hours of surgery on all four of his limbs and will be hospitalized several days.

The breed of dog was first disclosed by ABC 7 News when they interviewed the family of the 9 year old boy, Glendale Miller.  The family wanted to publicly speak out about the dangerousness of unrestrained, unattended pit bulls.  The asked that pit bull owners be more responsible.  ABC 7 News is the only outlet that bothered to print comments from the family and mention the breed of dog.

The Miller family says that before the attack, they were terrorized by the pit bull which has escaped before, and that they had to change their living habits to avoid encountering the vicious pit bull by walking different ways and patronizing different stores.

The pit bull was put down.

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May 20, 2013 Off Duty Chicago Police officer shoots pit bull to protect son

Chicago - A neighbor's pit bull escaped its yard while an off duty police officer was outside with his 5 year old son who was riding a bike.  The police officer shot the pit bull several times, killing it, because he believed it was charging after his son.

“I know that my son’s life could have been in danger . . . and the fact that my son was protected, that’s what I care about,” said the officer’s wife.  The officer's wife also said that the pit bull had been out of its yard off-leash previously and that the owner had been asked to keep it on a leash.

News stories have repeatedly emphasized that the pit bull was a four month old puppy and used photos of the pit bull as a small puppy in their stories.  However, this photo of the pit bull after being shot shows a larger, well muscled pit bull that has lost much of those puppy characteristics.

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