UPDATE Dec 31, 2014 Joliet Dangerous Pit Bulls and Vicious Rottweiler Terrorizing North Reed Street

UPDATE - Titan the vicious rottweiler has been found.  He wasn't "on the outskirts of Indiana" after all.  Nope, JACKLYN VAVRIK seems to have told a fib.  VAVRIK doesn't get to keep the deemed vicious rottweiler.  Rescue angels right there in McHenry County plan on rehabilitating him and what then?  Adopt out Titan with the vicious designation?  VAVRIK gets to keep her two pit bulls, one of which has been deemed dangerous.  She has until April to get adequate fencing.

UPDATE - The irresponsible dangerous dog owner, JACKLYN VAVRIK,  has gotten rid of the rottweiler, which has been designated dangerous, and claims she doesn't know where it is except that it might be "on the outskirts of Indiana. (?)"  So, some neighborhood can anticipate mauled dogs and people thanks to JACKLYN.

VAVRIK also claims that her pit bull that was also deemed dangerous is not and that it did not do any of the biting - that's all on the rottweiler.  She gets to keep the dangerous dog if she meets a bunch of requirements.

Joliet - Two pit bulls and a Rottweiler have run loose around Joliet’s North Reed Street and attacked at least four other dogs, viciously mauling one, residents said.

“Our fear is a child” will fall prey to the pack of dogs, said Doreen Swanson, who said her own two pets were beset by the hounds from Reed Street.

Harley is a shepherd-mix belonging to neighbor Sarah Tyrell. Harley had to undergo surgery and has two drains implanted in her body because of the Christmas Eve attack, Tyrell said. Harley is now too frightened to venture out to her own yard alone.

Another neighbor, Helene Heldorfer, also complained to the police about the Reed Street Rottweiler. Heldorder was walking her cairn terrier, Buffy, the morning of Sept. 22 when it emerged from a back yard and attacked, according to a police report.

Jaclyn Vavrik, 29, 507 N. Reed, Joliet, arrested by the Will County Sheriff’s Office and booked
into the Will County jail on Sept. 15 on two counts of domestic battery.   9/16/2014
The dog’s owner, identified in the report as JACLYN VAVRIK, 29, explained that she could not find a leash for her Rottweiler, Titan, so she let him “out in her backyard and he took off to the front yard and did bite ‘Buffy,’” police said. “Vavrik stated to (the officer) that she would pay the vet bills because they were at fault.”  Think she'll follow through?

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Jan 27, 2015 Three Chicago Pit Bulls Attacked Dog Being Walked on Leash

Chicago - I was walking my dog and 3 dogs from 3242 West Divison attacked my dog. Thank god som good semaritians driving by stopped to help when they saw me fighting them off my dog. Beware of the area.

They were from that building (3242 W. Division). 3 pit bull type dogs. The little white one was the most aggressive and was the one latching onto mine. I have 9 month old bullmasitff and he's not aggressive at all. He actually when under a truck to try and get away but they were smaller and still able to get them. The owner had no control of them at all, and none of them had tags or collars. Took my dog to the vet and luckily the wounds weren't to bad but the police just gave her a ticket for loose dogs because of the daycare next door, and not being able to see wounds on my dog at the time because he was covered in mud trying to hide under the truck.

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Jan 22, 2015 Lawsuit: West Chicago Pit Bull Attack Killed Neighbor's Dog

West Chicago - Bonnie Price said she and her dog, Toto, were on their afternoon walk June 24 in the 1000 block of Trillium Trail when the unrestrained pit bulls attacked after escaping from a nearby residence on Wild Ginger Trail.  The vicious, off property  and sustained attack was unprovoked, predatory, and came with no warning.
RIP Toto

Price, 84, filed the lawsuit in DuPage County this month seeking more than $50,000 in damages against neighbor Kapil Sachdev, who owned the pit bulls.

The pit bulls were put down.  This was the second small dog in the neighborhood that these pit bulls had killed in vicious off-property, predatory attacks.

Sachdev was a self-proclaimed pit bull rescuer and had several pit bulls in his home.  A judge found him guilty of permitting a dangerous dog to leave the premises and he was sentenced to 24 months of court supervision and 50 hours of public service and ordered to pay $250.  The judge also barred Sachdev from having another pit bull breed dog.

Read below the heartbreaking account of the attack.  Bonnie Price, Toto's owner saw the pit bulls barreling toward them, picked up Toto, and said, "Toto, we're in trouble." before the pit bulls killed Toto.

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Jan 19, 2015 Chicago Eight Charged with Dog Fighting on South Side

Chicago - Police received a dogfighting complaint on Chicago's South Side.  When they arrived, they found a dogfighting ring and four pit bulls with wounds consistent with dogfighting.

These losers were charged with dogfighting

— Jawaan Chick, 22, of the 200 Block of Providence in Matteson, Illinois;
— Sabrina Morris, 44, of the 6600 Block of S. Winchester in Chicago, Illinois;
— Taylon Hughes, 24, of the 7800 Block of S. Kingston in Chicago, Illinois;
— Shaquille Middleton, 20, of the 3900 Block of S. Timberlea Court in Country Club Hills, Illinois;
— Charles Ray, 28, of the 2600 Block of E. 74th Place in Chicago, Illinois;
— Jimmie Kelly, 59, of the 6600 Block of S. Winchester in Chicago, Illinois;
— Arnulfo Sanchez, 37, of the 15100 Block of Turlington in Harvey, Illinois;
— William Hill, 18, of the 6600 Block of S. Winchester in Chicago, Illinois.

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UPDATE Jan 07, 2015 Champaign Pit Bull Previously Declared Dangerous Bites Deputy

UPDATE - The pit bull will be put down and the owner is very upset about it.  No word on the owner's emotional state after knowing her dog had mauled someone.
UPDATE - The Champaign County Sheriff attacked by a pit bull will be out of work for 4 weeks at least.  The size of the wound was described as being big enough to fit four fingers inside and affected deep muscles.  The sheriff says this is something he never wants to go through again.

Champaign - A pit bull that had previously been declared dangerous for biting a mail carrier has bitten a Champaign County Sheriff's Deputy.  The pit bull has been impounded.

After the deputy knocked on the front door to deliver a subpoena, the pit bull barreled out of a side door and attacked the deputy leaving a severe wound.  The owner did not help the deputy who drove himself to the emergency room in the zero degree weather.

Marlo Britton was prosecuted in 2013 after the same male pit bull — its name is Boosi — attacked a mail carrier on Dec. 13, 2012, at a home in the 1400 block of Hedge Road.

Animal Control Director Stephanie Joos assures the public that even though Animal Control has had to pick the pit bull up several times since 2008, Boosi the pit bull has only sent two government employees to the hospital in the course of doing their jobs and that the owner can get Boosi back for $350 and kenneling costs.

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Jan 15, 2015 Kankakee Rescued Stray Pit Bull Mix Bites Child

UPDATE - A look at this irresponsible pit bull fanatic's facebook pages shows that she has a menagerie of animals including birds, rats and dogs, but begs for money to pay the insurance deductible for her daughter's health care.  Also - she fostering another pit bull - this one straight off the chain and supposedly not fed well and she lets her daughter hug on its neck.

Kankakee - A woman who took in a stray pit bull mix she named Comet and let sleep in her bed the first night she had it, wanted to keep the pit bull even though it attacked a neighbor child a week after she got it.

The pit bull mix was so highly aggressive at animal control the woman was told it must be put down, though she had wished to bring the pit bull back to her home to be with her children.

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Jan 13, 2015 Elgin Cops Kill Pit Bull While Responding To Domestic Disturbance

Elgin - Police shot and killed a dog which charged officers when they responded Saturday to a large domestic disturbance where at least one person was also stabbed, officials said. Officers were called to the 100 block of Mallery Avenue at about 4 a.m. by a woman who said she had been punched in the mouth by a male and had cut another family member with a knife.

When police arrived, fresh blood could be seen on the front door, according to reports. Police announced their presence and went inside and were charged by the dog, a pit bull type mix, officials said. The dog bit one of the officers, who then shot the animal. Those in the home — many who were bloodied — then turned their aggression towards the officers, police said. Several officers arrived on scene, and a bloody knife was found near the front door. One person was taken to Presence Saint Joseph Hospital for treatment of his wounds, then was taken to the Elgin jail for further investigation.

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Jan 05, 2015 Lying Idiot Says Her Adopted Pit Bull Was Shot

Chicago - A woman adopted pit bull from Chicago Animal Care and Control.  The volunteers kept in touch with the adopter.  A few months later, the woman claimed that someone had shot her pit bull while she was on a walk.  Turns out she sold the pit on craigslist.  The next adopter was no more responsible, and dropped the pit bull back off at CACC.

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Jan 04, 2015 Pit Bull Owner Responsible for One of Three Illinois Home Invasion Attacks in 2007

The Northwest Herald showed a photo of a man walking his dogs in the cold winter weather earlier this year.  The dogs just happened to be pit bulls that were straining against the leash, but still, just a guy and his dogs.  The pit bull owner is identified as as David Wuich.

David Wuich shows up on our blog in a story from 2007 where his previous, and now dead pit bull, escaped his home and broke into her home to attack her lab.  This was one of three horrific home invasion pit bull attacks recorded in Illinois in 2007.

And see much much more about David Wuich at Craven Desires - like so many pit bull owners, he has quite a history.

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