May 27, 2007 Elgin: Cop shot by fellow officer in Elgin

Pit bull killed after charging at police

Elgin - An Elgin police officer was shot in the leg by a fellow officer Thursday after a pit bull charged at them while they were trying to serve an arrest warrant, officials said.
The pit bull was killed by police gunfire.
Smith said Ericson, a nine-year veteran of the department, may have been struck by a ricochet.

By Mark Shuman and Amanda Marrazzo
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May 24, 2007 Pit bull euthanized after two attacks

RIVERSIDE — A pit bull that killed one dog and injured another in separate incidents last month in Riverside has been euthanized by order of the village's police chief, officials said Wednesday.

Chicago Tribune  Accessed: 2012-01-26. (Archived by WebCite® at

May 23, 2007 Beach Park Home Was Used For Dogfighting

Beach Park - Lake County sheriff's officers broke up a dogfighting operation in Beach Park and confiscated 16 pit bulls used for fighting.

Many of the dogs appeard to have been injured in dogfights.  A warrant was issued for the arrest of ANTHONY BROWN, 24, who had rented the house.

ANTHONY BROWN was convicted in 2004  of aggravated battery with a weapon.

The dogs were turned over to the Lake County Health Dept. and ten were euthanized.

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Chicago Tribune

May 22, 2007 Bullet intended for pit bull hits bystander

Chicago - A Chicago police officer who was attacked by a pit bull on the South Side accidentally shot a person while trying to shoot the dog early Monday, authorities said.

Chicago Tribune

May 10, 2007 Crystal Lake Pit Bull Breaks Out of Home to Attack Labrador

Owner puts pit bull down after attack on other dog

Crystal Lake— A 3-year-old pit bull was euthanized Wednesday, a day after it broke through a patio screen door in Crystal Lake and attacked a Labrador retriever, according to police and a relative of the pit bull's owner.

The incident happened about 7:30 p.m. Tuesday, when the pit bull, Shady, charged into an apartment in the 300 block of First Court and attacked the 11-year-old lab owned by Cristina Orton, Crystal Lake police said.
"We had to do it," Paulsen said. "We were told petitions were being signed, that the neighborhood was afraid. We called every pit bull rescue we could find, but no one would help. It was the only thing we could do."

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May 05, 2007 Urbana Pit Bull Invades Home Attacks 85-year-old for 30 minutes, Breaks Her Back

Urbana – At three in the morning, when 85 year old Margaret Winkelmann opened the door to let her little dog out, a "sleek, well-fed" pit bull rushed into their home and launched a 30 minute bloody attack.

Margaret's back was broken and Gandy, their little cocker spaniel mix was hospitalized for 4 days.

The News Gazette  Accessed: 2012-03-07. (Archived by WebCite® at

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List of Invasion Attacks
These are attacks where the dog invades a home, place of business, occupied building or securely enclosed yard expressly to attack.  Attacks in which the pit bull pulls another animal through their fence in an attempt to kill them are also considered invasion attacks.  Invasion attacks by dogs other than pit bulls are virtually non-existent.