Feb 12, 2014 Chicago woman gives up walking her dog because of pit bull and other dangerous dog attacks

Did anyone else give up on walking their dog around here?
Posted by Kath

I used to walk my dog every day however this past year I have had a a pit bull break out of its yard and charge at me and my dog and started wrestling with my dog only for the owner to come out and yell at his dog and give me a dirty look. The exact same thing happened on another block, a pit popped open the fence an charged my dog. My husband had to pick up our dog so the pit would not try to bite her, the dog was jumping and barking around my husband and i has to ring the neighbors bell to have them come put and get their dog. Then a lady opened her front door to let her huge bull mastiff out in front to do his business but instead he ran towards my dog an I, the dog was nose to nose with my dog looking like it was going to eat my dog. The lady had to come out and grab it, right when she did it started to go insane trying to break free from her and go At my dog. On 4 other separate occasions there have been small dogs run up to us, not aggressive but not on leashes and their owners run up and grab them. I don't understand why people do not secure their dogs, these are not strays. It sucks I can't walk my dog now because I'm scared ill be attacked by a dog. Please make sure your fences are secure enough to keep your dog in and put your dog on leashes!!

Neighbor Volunteer
If you have the address of the one's who are allowing their dogs to do this and have 3 911 calls sighting the adress you can contact the ward office and they will send a letter to the dog owner or the CAPS office will send it as well.

(That means you must call 911 and get a report number, otherwise they will claim they never received the calls.)

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