Aug 31, 2013 Chicago pit bulls critically injure man

UPDATE: The victim Nikita Taylor is recovering.  And after saying there was nothing they could do and allowing the pit bulls to stay on the property, CACC returned and impounded the pit bulls.

Chicago - Nikita Hampton Taylor was horrifically attacked by 6 pit bulls while walking down a sidewalk past a fenced yard.  The pit bulls escaped the fence and launched a "pit bull frenzy" attack.  One witness said she couldn't tell if his arm was still attached and that the dogs had ripped the skin off half his face.  Another said there was so much blood, you couldn't tell where his wounds were.

Even though neighbors have been so scared of those dogs that they no longer are able to walk down that part of the street, animal control claims they can't figure out how to keep the neighborhood safe from the dogs.  And as if to cement home the fact that they are completely useless, animal control said its just fine that the pit bulls be put back in the yard they just demonstrated they can escape from when they feel like attacking people.
WALTER FIELDS blaming the victim

The owner,  WALTER FIELDS, claims his pit bulls are sweet little pups, and further claims that the young man was so stupid that he taunted 4 to 6 pit bulls that everyone in the neighborhood is afraid of by repeatedly kicking the gate so hard that he loosened the gate himself - and he expects us to believe that crock!  Oh, wait, animal control evidently has the utmost confidence in FIELDS' word even though they've given him dozens of tickets.  FIELDS believes he has received too many tickets and doesn't see why his dogs should be taken away - because, get this, "they don't randomly bite people."
the multitude of maulers behind fence they escaped from

"Police said, of the 13 citations issued, six were for not having required licenses for the dogs, four were for failure to keep the animals under restraint, and three were for lack of rabies vaccinations."

If there were no rabies vaccinations, then the pits, by Illinois law, must be impounded and held for 10 days observation.  Chicago animal control is not following Illinois law.

Further, Cook county law states: When the biting animal is currently inoculated with rabies vaccine the animal's health shall be reported by the veterinarian to the Cook County Department of Animal and Rabies Control on the first and tenth days of the observation period for rabies.

 Chicago ordinance also states: 7-12-090 Owner's responsibility where animal has bitten another animal or person. (b)  After notification by the owner pursuant to subsection (a)(1), the executive director may impound, at the owner's expense, any animal that has bitten any other animal or person to make a dangerous animal investigation pursuant to Section 7-12-050(f).

(c)   In the event of severe injury or death to a person, the executive director SHALL impound the animal, at the owner's expense, as set forth above in Section 7-12-050(f)

... And animal control says, "there's nothing we can do..."  They are lying.  They just don't feel like they need to obey the law because WALTER FIELDS' neighbors don't count.  But, CACC is breaking the law by leaving those pits in that yard after they seriously mauled a man.  Not only can they impound the maulers, it is mandated that they do so.

  If the pit bulls lived next to this home, they'd be impounded:
Hey Hey Mayor Emanuel 

Aug 27, 2013 Bolingbrook police shoot pit bull attacking puggle

Bolingbrook - Police were called to a Bolingbrook home on August, 16 when a newly adopted pit bull attacked and would not leg go of the pit bull owner's other dog, a puggle.  According to the owner, after playing with her son and Hogan, the puggle, with no warning or provocation, the young female pit bull attacked Hogan and persisted in the attack for at least 10 minutes before police arrived.  Shapiro's 1.5 year old son was a foot away from the attack when it began.

The responding officers asked for permission to shoot the pit bull in order to save Hogan who was by that time blue with severe wounds to his neck and groin.  With permission, an officer shot and killed the pit bull.  The ghastly and dangerous attack and shooting were not reported in the media.

The pit bull, Khaleesi, had been imported to Illinois from Kentucky in late March by Dawn Teeter Nicosia of The Dog House Humane Group in McHenry, IL according to info from facebook pages and petfinder.  Khaleesi lived for several months with a foster named Kristie Hilton in Elgin until Khaleesi was adopted by Shapiro in June. Hilton described Khaleesi as "a gentle soul"  who "has not met a dog or person she doesn't like" and displayed several photos of Khaleesi with other pit bulls in her home on her facebook page.

 The owner had several photos of the pit bull with her puggle, and the puggle seemed completely at ease with it;  He never saw it coming. And now he'll never be the same.

Kaleesi benefits from professional photographs and great write-up on petfinder to get adopted.

Evidently, Khaleesi the Kentucky pit bull loved people and she was adopted to a family with a toddler and an adorable puggle.

Then the attack happened.

August 17 via mobile
Long post! Please only read if you want details on Hogan & Khalees's incident. Warning may be graphic and heartbreaking news. 
Yesterday was a the most difficult day of my life. I want to share with my friends what happened but I only want to have to explain it once. 
Our morning routine was quickly changed. My dog Khalees (or keesy as I called her) went after Hogan (Lewis's Dog). She was not agitated or aggravated and she attacked for no known human reason. It had to be a dog thing because minutes before they were waking up & playing with (her child) before we went outside to potty. So anyway she got ahold of his neck wear he could not defend himself. The tugging & tearing went on for over 10 mins till police arrived. They quickly assessed the dogs & seen Hogan was not going to hold on much longer. His face was blue and both dogs were exhausted. The officer & I then needed to make a choice as what to do. Unfortunately Khalees had to be put down. She was beyond reason, water being thrown on, or prying her off..every time she let go shed just get a bigger hold then she went for his groin and this was sure to kill him in seconds..I had been screaming & crying for about 15 mins by then. Everything is kind of a blur in & out. 
Lewis arrived on the scene 3 mins later. He rushed Hogan to the vet because I had (her child) (rather a neighbor did) and I was in no shape to drive from shaking & crying so hard at what just happened. I was so distraught I couldn't think right. It was 7:30am by now..and I had to go see my girl Keesy. I won't give details but from what I seen she didn't have a mark on her except blood on her face from her wound. I cleaned her up while praying for her to find her Heaven and go there & be at peace & play with my doggie Pepe who passed away a few years ago. I'm beside myself for now losing her. So all this while Lewis is at Vet with Hogan who had lost a lot of blood & they had to stop the bleeding asap before Hogan lost too much. I was so worried he'd not make it. He had to have surgery where his neck & leg arteries were. And it was a "process" the vet said as to putting him back together. He has stitches from his head to his jowl & further down his neck. Puncture wounds all over & then a large area of repair down by his groin. The vet was so kind to take 1/2 payment down before treatment & we could pay the remainder when we picked him up later. Today he's back for another visit, and back Monday to remove the three draining tubes put at the sites. He has a way to go to be back our fat lazy ol' Hogan but he should be ok. The vet said she never had a better more determined patient. It's hard to say I'm happy that Hogan is ok when I'm so sad for losing Khalees. But it's the situation our family is left with. 
A generous donation to Hogans Vet bill was called into VCA Animal Hospital by Khalees's foster Mom Kristie Hilton. 
Also Thank you to Officer Bill Smith for all his help & coming to our house this morning with condolence card for us & a get well card, treats & toy for Hogan. 
This tragic day will remain in our memories forever as will my love for Khaleesi.
Life can change so quickly. Love everyone & make them as happy as it were the last day you see them because it happened to me. I was a great doggie Mommy & I know Keesy loves me. I feel her still here with me. I keep looking in the back yard for her. Please keep our family in your prayers. 
Thanks for caring enough to read this post.

Hogan will never be the same.

His face may never be symmetrical again, and his leg will never work right.



Thanks to an anonymous source who happened upon this story on facebook.

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Aug 14, 2013 Machesney Park pit bull attacks beagle; owner stabs pit bull to death

UPDATE - mystateline has posted an update to the story with an interview with the victim beagle owner, Jerry McCollom.  The reporter did not bother to ask McCollom about the terror of being set upon by a pit bull and thinking his dog was going to die.  They published video of McCollom apologizing to the pit bull owner for protecting his pet's life from the pit bull.  mystateline added that the pit bull owner was ineffectually trying to disengage his pit bull from the beagle,  McCollom  said the pit bull was out of control

The update failed to repeat that the Winnebago county sheriff's office believes the beagle's owner's actions were justified and brought no charges against him.

Machesney Park - An unleashed pit bull rushed to attack a beagle on a public sidewalk and the beagle owner stabbed the pit bull 6 times to stop the attack, fatally injuring the attacking pit bull.  The beagle owner stated "he was afraid for his life and property."

The reporting by mystateline leads with the sorrow of the attacking pit bull's owner and suggests that mystateline might be unhappy the beagle owner was able to protect himself and save his beagle's life.  Mystateline prefers to believe that the pit bull that attacked the beagle was merely "confronting" the beagle.

Winnebago county sheriff's office believes the beagle's owner's actions were justified and brought no charges.

Read more:
mystateline Accessed: 2013-08-15. (Archived by WebCite® at

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Aug 07, 2013 Waukegan Pit bull attacks Boston Terrier; owner bolts

So glad you're going to be OK sweet Bubba

Waukegan - Larry Walker and Boston terrier, Bubba, are enthusiastic and long time users of a number of dog parks in the Waukegan area and they never had a problem until July 27 when a black pit bull grabbed and tried to drag little Bubba off at the dog exercise area at the Larsen Nature Preserve.  Walker was able to hit the pit bull in the ribs to make it let go.

He was shocked to see the owner just take off with the black pit bull leaving Walker with $417 in veterinary bills.  Waukegan Animal Control, which loves to pump pit bulls into the Waukegan area, explained to Walker that they are completely useless when it comes to protecting sweet friendly dogs and people from pit bulls (I'm paraphrasing) and passed the buck to the police.

Walker said, "It’s like one of your family getting torn up.”  He added that after they adopted him from Orphans of the Storm, he took Bubba to obedience classes which he aced.

“I never had a dog attack like that. It happened so fast I was in total shock. It might have eaten him alive,” said Walker.

Walker now carries a can of pepper spray/red dye/a little tear gas so he can stop and mark an offending dog. And he carries a camera to catch the dine n' dash owner. I might suggest bear spray or a small fire extinguisher there have been reports that people have had success getting a mauling pit bull stop with these.  People have to arm themselves to walk because of pit bulls these days.  Really sad.

Read more:
News Sun  Accessed: 2013-08-07. (Archived by WebCite® at

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Aug 06, 2013 New Lenox Terrier Hurt by Pit Bull in 'Vicious' Attack

New Lenox - a 3 year old rescue pit bull attacked a black and white terrier mix on July 29 on Old Plank Trail in a Will county forest preserve.

The terrier was injured on the shoulder, head, neck, and back.  The pit bull got away from the owner to attack.

The comments to the story again talk about how to arm yourself to protect from pit bull attacks while on your walks.  Just ridiculous.

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New Lenox Patch

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Aug 02, 2013 Pit bull attacks in Little Village

Chicago - A protest against vicious dogs was held on July 30 in Little Village.  The protest was organized by local activist Raul Montes jr.

“Somebody’s gotta bring it up,” said Montes Jr. in reference to this problem. “I work in this community and some of these people were very upset, like my neighbor, whose dog was killed by a pit bull. There’s a lot of pit bulls running around. They’re vicious dogs and I think there should be accountability, liability for these animals.”

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Aug 02, 2013 Buffalo Grove pit bull attacks schnauzer-poodle mix

Buffalo Grove - Cody a three year old schnauzer-poodle mix was attacked by a pit bull at the Happy Tails dog park in Buffalo Grove and received severe cuts that were treated at a nearby animal hospital.

The author of the Buffalo Grove Countryside article tries to suggest that the fact that the scared smaller dog provoked a savage attack by barking at the pit bull when this is obviously normal communication among dogs that should not meet with a savage attack.

Evidently, when the pit bull attacked, other dogs joined in and also attacked poor Cody. Cody's owner has been going to the park for years and is well known there, but neither she nor the other frequenters had ever seen the pit bull owner or the pit bull before.

A horrified neighbor to the dog park said she's never seen a fight before, let alone anything remotely approaching the savagery of the pit bull's attack before, after years of going to the dog park with her golden retriever.

For the month of July, Buffalo Grove police department said they had only one bite report - the one on the pit bull that bit Cody.

Read more:
Buffalo Grove Countryside Accessed: 2013-08-09. (Archived by WebCite® at

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