Jun 03, 2013 Two Chicago pit bulls maul 3 year old boy

UPDATE: When the attack on the 3 year old occurred, four visiting children under the age of 9 had been left alone with the pit bulls, one of which was pregnant or had recently given birth.

A day after the serious attack on the three year old child who is still in the hospital, the vicious pit bulls are still in the owner's home.  CACC came to confiscate the dogs, but since no one answered the door, they just left a notice on the door.  Wow.

Chicago - A 3 year old boy was mauled by two pit bulls inside a building on the 7300 block of south Kingston.  He was taken first to a fire station across the street from the incident and from there taken to Comer Children's Hospital with multiple puncture wounds around his head and his legs.

The boy was visiting the owner of the pit bulls.  A neighbor jumped a fence and entered the home because he heard the toddler screaming.  Fire Dept Captain Bob Martin said the man probably saved the child's life.

The child's condition is unknown, but he is expected to survive.

At least one of the pit bulls remained in the owner's home.  Why?

One of the vicious pit bulls still at the owner's home
after the attack

A comment on the story:

Mrs. Leroy Goldberg • 2 hours ago
I rest my case. Last week, in my area, three incidents involving these dogs, all horrible pain inflicted on innocent people.
I detest this breed.

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