Oct 12, 2011 Quincy woman cited after her two dogs get loose, kill three other dogs

Two dogs were euthanized after they got loose from a backyard pen and killed three other dogs Sunday afternoon in the 600 block of Payson.
Humphrey said dogs often get loose from Lashbrook's backyard, and neighbors have tracked them down and brought them back "on numerous occasions."

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Oct 12, 2011 Ottawa Pit bull attacks Man and dog

Ottawa - A pit bull was killed after attacking a man and his dog Tuesday on Ottawa's East Side.

"If it wasn't for the good fortune of the man bringing me a pitchfork, my dog would have been dead," Agostinelli pointed out. "I'm thankful for everyone who helped and the police, but I get no glee from the pit bull having to be killed. It had to be put down."

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