Nov 12, 2015 Chicago Family Pit Bull Attack Leaves Woman In Critical Condition

UPDATE: ABC 7 has updated their story. The woman who was mauled was physically disabled. Also, the pit bull had a litter of puppies and the blame is being put on the disabled woman "was cleaning the floor and apparently didn't see one of the puppies."  That doesn't explain why she is in critical condition. 

 The pit bull has also been absolved because, "That dog just had puppies so who knows what was in its mind to attack her like that," said Maria Perea, a family friend.

Although the s ABC 7 story has been updated with info gathered from neighbors, they still will not share that the attacking dog is a pit bull, although two other outlets, Sun Times and Fox, have reported that the dog was a pit bull.

ABC 7 and the Tribune still have not reported that the dog was a pit bull.

Chicago - A 34 year-old Little Village woman is in critical condition after she was mauled by her family pit bull.

The woman was in her home when she was bitten on the arm, neck and face b the pit bull at about 11 am.

She was taken to Mount Sinai Hospital. The pit bull was picked up by Animal Control

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