Jul 20, 2017 Chicago Pit Bull Attacks Two Attacks at Dog Park: $500 REWARD

Chicago River North - A stupid young woman took her pit bull to a dog park and allowed it to attack two dogs in separate attacks.  The first attack was on a husky which left two puncture wounds and a terrified husky.

Idiot pit bull owner doing what they always do with their pit bull attacks
The second attack was on a corgi which got picked up by the neck and shaken like a ragdoll.  Photos show the pit bull owner stood there like a stuffed nitwit doing nothing.  The corgi owner couldn't help either.  It was a brave third woman who actually saved the corgi from the pit bull's grip.  She punched the pit bull in the ribs three times and then quickly removed the corgi from the dog park.  She must have known that pit bulls ALWAYS go back to the attack after they are initially unlocked from their prey.

The corgi's owner, hampered by an unbelievable degree of political correctness, didn't leave the dog park after witnessing the first attack to protect his dog; he didn't tell the stupid young woman to leave to protect his dog; nope, he approached her and began talking to her and when he heard screaming, he knew it was his dog (because he'd led the poor corgi to the pit bull).

Mr. Unbelievably-Bad-Judgment doesn't want the pit bull "to get into trouble,"  but he offered a $500 reward for anyone who can lead him to the pit bull's owner who must have skipped off.  He doesn't want her to pay the $1,000 vet bill or to have her vicious pit bull put down.  He just wants to raise her awareness and perhaps convince her to get the pit bull "rehabilitated" (that isn't a real thing) and to perhaps not go to the dog park with her mauler if that's ok with her.  (I want to know how someone with poor judgment to that incredible degree is able to have that much money to throw away.)

What should happen is that pit bull should be deemed dangerous after two attacks and the pit bull should be put down and the pit bull owner fined.  That would be a service to the community Mr. Unbelievably-Bad-Judgment because if you don't report the bite, the next victim will be at square one, and will not be able to get that mauler out of the neighborhood.

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Jul 11, 2017 Chicago Pit Bull Mauls a Small Leashed Dog

Chicago - Surveillance video of a disgustingly irresponsible and incompetent pit bull owner allowing her aggressive pit bull to run off leash and attack a small leashed dog in her owners' arms.

These two young ladies were very smart and brave.

May 19, 2017 Two Rock Island Dogfighters Plead Guilty to Dogfighting Charges

Rock Island - Two of the 10 Quad-Cities residents indicted and arrested in January on federal charges related to dog-fighting ventures entered guilty pleas on Thursday, May 18, while trial dates were set for four others.
Pit Bulls Love Fighting and Attacking
Pit Bulls Let A Lot of Blood Flow When They Fight in the Pit

Nine of the 10 were indicted on Jan. 24 by a federal grand jury on felony charges of conspiracy to sponsor and participate in dog-fighting ventures. One was indicted on a misdemeanor count of knowingly attending a dog fight.

Nine of them are from Rock Island; one is from Davenport.

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May 09, 2017 Wenona Pit Bull Bit a Man in the Groin Causing Severe Injury While Playing

Wenona - A pit bull owned by JAROD SCOTT attacked a 25-year-old man in the groin while they were roughhousing.

Initially, the man refused medical attention against the advice of the police officer and the first responders due to the severity of the injury. The victim later went to the hospital in Peoria on his own, was treated, and released.

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May 06, 2017 Chicago Police Officer’s Foster Pit Mauls her Golden Retriever

From the Chicago Police Officer’s facebook page - An officer who liked to rescue dogs from off the street and to help rescues agreed to foster a pregnant female pit bull named Emerald in her home last October. The puppies were all adopted out, but Emerald was still in the Officer’s home in January when Emerald began being aggressive with the Officer’s dog, a golden retriever named Laddy.

According to the police officer in her video, she pleaded with the rescue she was fostering for, Serendipittie, to take Emerald back. But the rescue refused until they could find another person willing to take a dog aggressive pit bull which would be never. Also according to the police officer, the rescue threatened to sue her for breach of contract if she gave the dog to animal control. Also according to the officer, the rescue threatened to call the police on her.

From Public Facebook post - copyright Facebook

The conflict, according to the police officer, became a personal vendetta against her. Presumably because she didn’t just suck it up and commit to crate and rotate for the rest of her dogs’ lives all the while cooing about how sweet the mauling pit bull was.

As is normal with dog rescuers it is important that they show as much compassion for the mauler as for the victim. And the mauler is being treated for minor injuries it sustained while mauling its poor victim.

The reality is that there is no place for a dog-aggressive pit bull. The only solution to avoid pets and people getting mauled is to put the pit bull down. Dog-aggressive dogs are unacceptable as pets.

Read all about the death and damage these rescues cause by adopting out pit bulls right here:

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Apr 15, 2017 River Forest Pit Bull Attacked an Italian Greyhound -PLEASE HELP FIND OWNER

Please help find this owner of this brindle pit bull that attacked a small Italian greyhound unprovoked at the corner of Jackson & Greenfield in River Forest.  The dog was severely injured and the owner was injured as well.  The pit bull owner fled the scene of her crime without giving any personal information.

Please call Lee at the number above.

Apr 04, 2017 Chicago Pit Bull Used as Weapon in Facebook Live Sexual Assault on 15 Year Old

Chicago - A Chicago girl whose kidnapping, sexual assault, gang rape and torture was broadcast on Facebook Live was threatened with a pit bull attack if she tried to escape.

Neighborhood bullies are continuing the assault online.  The victim and her family have been moved to a safe place out of the neighborhood and she has not returned to school.

Two of the teenage rapists and torturers have been identified.

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Chicago Facebook Live Sex Assault Victim Was Threatened With Dog, Prosecutors Say
Chicago Facebook Live Sex Assault: Teen Suspect's Mother Turns Him In
2nd Juvenile Arrested In Facebook Live Gang Rape Of Girl, 15
Girl Who Was Gang Raped On Facebook Live Getting Online Threats

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Apr 04, 2017 Elgin Pit bull Attacked & Killed Small Dog

Elgin - another unreported pit bull attack in elgin.

Elgin residents are well-aware of their persistent dangerous dog problem.  This is really a problem that can be documented back decades, and still the city has done nothing about it.

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Apr 03, 2017 East Moline Pit Bull Killed a Dog and Was Shot by Police

East Moline - A fatal pit bull attack on another dog went unreported for a week until news outlets reported on the upcoming city council meeting in which the council was expected to discuss a potential muzzle ordinance for all dogs over 40 pounds.

It seems that the city of East Moline has been cowed by pit bull promoters. Journalists know not to report pit bull attacks; this pit bull attack is mentioned only in the video, and is referred to as a “dog fight” in the text of the online story.


The city council won’t propose pit bull regulation to address a pit bull problem. They hoped if they proposed a breed neutral ordinance, pit bull owners wouldn’t go crazy, but nope. They don’t like the breed neutral ordinance either. Since we can’t upset the pit bull advocates for some reason, chances are East Moline will just let pit bull advocates and their pit bulls continue to kill innocent dogs in front of children, and perhaps kill children as well.

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Apr 02, 2017 McHenry Co Pit Bull Attacked Woman

McHenry County - A pit bull "barked" at a woman and after listening to both sides of the story, three McHenry County Sheriffs believed that the pit bull should be labelled vicious.  Despite the owner's protestations, it is conceivable that the pit bull did more than just bark.  From facebook:

Apr 02, 2017 Springfield Pit Bull Allowed to Kill Owner's Cat

Springfield - A pit bull owner betrayed her cat's trust and love and allowed her pit bull to kill her cat.  Found on facebook.

Horrible Betrayal.  

As usual with pit bull nuts, one of her friends asked if the pit bull was OK, hoping the fatally mauled cat didn't manage to hurt pittie poo as pittie poo was in the middle of ripping her apart.

Mar 29, 2017 Chicago Pit Bull Crossed Street to Attack

Chicago Pit Bull Attacked Near the Corner of Berteau and Clark

Chicago - At the corner of Berteau and Clark yet another unreported pit bull attack. In this neighborhood with two three-legged pit bulls, the owner must be a self-congratulatory, full-of-herself, idiotic rescue angel who ran away from this owner.  She's probably got a blog about her two Tripod Pitties in the City, too.

From Everyblock:

"A warning to all dog walkers/pet owners: Today I was attacked by a pit bull.

There were two 3 legged pit bulls walking on the opposite of Grace from me as I walked my dog. The two dogs started freaking out as we walked past, on the opposite side of the street, one of the dogs broke free from its owner and I watched as it came bolting across grace toward my dog.
The owner was shouting at me to "quick get my dog" and I remember thinking "Lady I have my dog right here, your dog is loose?!" but I didn't get a chance to say anything.

I have never had an encounter with a vicious dog before. This dog jumped at my dog in a way that I can only describe as dog fighting. I instinctively lifted me leg toward the dog to get it away from mine, and it circled back around and went for my dog again. I put my arm in the way and was bit in the wrist and subsequently my knee as I tired to get the dog off my arm with my other leg. It seemed like it took forever, as I realized this dog was really biting me, finally the owner grabbed her dog and wrapped herself around the dog in a protective manner or in some attempt to prevent the dog from seeing anything. I remember my blood pumping really good and calling the dog a psycho and telling her the dog was a danger. I should have called the cops but my injuries were minor and my dog was unhurt. I just wanted to get away from the situation. If the owner was not around, nothing short of incapacitating the dog would have stopped its attack. Please be careful or if you know these dogs owners please advise them to muzzle, properly leash, and attempt to rehabilitate their animal who obviously was involved in dog fighting. The more I think about it the more unsettled I am by the whole event."

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Mar 21, 2017 Chicago Pack of Pit Bulls Invade Yard and Kill Beloved Beagle Mix

Chicago - A woman let her beagle mix named Sadie out to relieve herself when 6 stray pit bulls and mixes jumped their fence. Sadie’s owner tried to get Sadie inside, but couldn’t before the pit mixes got to her and mauled her to death.
RIP Sadie
Sadie was owned by an elderly couple. Both were hearing impaired and the husband was visually impaired as well. Sadie acted as their alert dog and helped them function. Not only is the family devastated by her loss, but her owners don’t have their helper.

Rescuers rounded up the pit bulls and are hoping they can be rehabilitated and adopted out. While a couple rescuers showed genuine concern, most only showed passing concern for Sadie and her family.

Six pit bulls that killed Sadie at CACC

Even though the Chicago Police Department and Chicago Animal Care and Control were involved, the media did not pick up this story which is a shame because the publicity might have brought help to the elderly couple.

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Mar 21, 2017 Belleville Pit Bull Kills Dachshund in Owner's Arms

Belleville  - This is another unreported pit bull attack found on facebook.  
This is my boy Snickers. He loved and brought a smile to everyone he came in contact with. Last night the neighbors pit bull attacked Snickers while he was in my arms. He died later last night while he was with the Vet overnight. I loved him like a son!!
RIP Snickers-BSL saves lives!

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Mar 17 2017 Downers Grove Pit Bull Attacks Neighbor

Downers Grove - SHARI BERG is an irresponsible backyard breeder whose pit bull, named Bella Viscious, recently attacked her neighbor.  Her only public show of sympathy on facebook has been for her pit bull, while showing none for her neighbor, even blaming her, though BERG freely admits that the attack was "pretty bad."

Bella Viscious had just had a litter of 8 puppies in January.  Assuming that SHARI BERG was attempting to name her pit bull Bella Vicious and not Bella Viscous, there's a good chance that BERG had an inkling of the aggressive temperament of her pit before she bred it.  And now 8 spawn of the vicious Bella have been dispersed in the vicinity of Downers Grove and she's trying to rehome the vicious Bella, too.

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Mar 17, 2017 Bensenville Pit Bull Attacked Man Unprovoked

Benseville - A loose, white pit bull attacked 2-year-old-man was going to his car with a friend.  Chris Kazmierczak began jogging to the car because he was cold and a pit bull ran up behind him and attacked him. 

The pit bull had a collar and Kazmierczak’s friend was able to pull the pit bull off and kick it away.  It only took 20 seconds for the pit bull to inflict devastating damage to Kazmierczak’s hands and arms.  He works construction and won’t be able to work for at least 2 months.

Kazmierczak’s mother is angry because the police were called, but they decided not to go investigate.  She is worried that the pit bull will not be found and will be a danger to the neighborhood.

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Mar 15, 2017 Chicago Pit Bull Attacked Girl-Owner Runs With Dog

Chicago - Another unreported attack in Chicago.  A Chicago woman shared on facebook that her daughter was attacked by a pit bull at the bus stop at S. Clyde ave and 100th st. The pit bull owner ran away with the pit bull and didn’t even try to see if she was OK.

Police were called and have said they are looking for the owner and the dog, but they have not found them.


The daughter went to the emergency room and had to return a week later for surgery.  Her mother said she had of stitches 
and was in a lot of pain.  

If anyone knows anything about the attack or about a male pit bull owner in the area of the bus stop, please contact police.

March 14, 2017 Elmwood Park Pit Bull Attacked Woman


Elmwood Park - "Today I was attacked by a pit bull on 74th ave."  The woman says that she jumped into bushes to avoid being bitten by a loose pit bull.

Mar 13, 2017 Belvidere Pit Bull Attacks Owner and Owner's Service Pit Bull

Belvidere - Lael Lewand is a super pit bull supporter.  She has a supposed pit bull service dog named Isis and another big pit bull named Keiko.   Lael started a facebook page for the pit bulls called Isis, head of the itty bitty pittie committee & Keiko too.  Lael says on her page she has been diagnosed with several conditions including depression, bipolar disorder, and borderline personality disorder.

The big pit bull named Keiko attacked Isis.  Lael's face was really torn up and she went to the emergency room in an ambulance.  She put a photo of her damage, and the damage to Isis up in public facebook posts.  There was no news outlet reporting of these attacks.  Lael referred to previous attacks in a recent post.

The attacker is back home with the owner, but kept in his own room.  A lonely old lab has to be kept in a bedroom, as well, to keep him from being attacked from both pit bulls.

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Mar 02, 2017 Springfield Pit Bull Attacks Police K9 and is Fatally Shot

Springfield - CHRYSTAL MUSGROVE’s pit bull-boxer mix got out of its cage, jumped a fence and attacked a police K9 that was working. 
Springfield Illinois needs BSL

Mar 02, 2017 Galesburg Pit Bull with Bite History May Be Up For Adoption

Galesburg - Residents believe that the Knox County Humane Society may be adopting out a dangerous pit bull with an extensive bite history.  Will they never learn?

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Feb 27, 2017 Quincy Dog Kills 21 year Old Man in his Home

Police received a call from the Blessing Hospital emergency room about a person having been attacked by a dog at 1005 Jersey St.  Police say that the attack happened at 3:26 a.m. on Sunday morning.  The man died as a result of the attack, but the police and coroner’s office are investigating.

No information has been released about the dog that attacked 21 year-old Jamie Owsley in his own home.

We received a photo of the victim with a dog named Molly that resembles a pit bull.

Pit bull attacks and dogfighting has been a problem in Quincy since the 19th century.

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Feb 21, 2017 Joliet’s Pit Bull Problems So Bad Police Dept Hires Dangerous Dog Officer

Joliet - Joliet will hire a part time police officer whose sole job will be to follow-up on dangerous dog calls. Last year in July the city revealed that they had had 11 dangerous dog hearings concerning 17 dog attacks in 7 months. The city admitted that most attacks were committed by pit bulls, but would not give exact numbers. In August, after that city report on dangerous dogs, another serious pit bull attack left a woman nearly dead.
Joliet needs a Pit Bull Ban to Protect Families

Even though Joliet is a home-rule city and could have gone the safer and more cost effective route of banning pit bulls, they instead decided to enact more breed neutral laws that only take effect after an attack happens and to budget for an extra police officer position dedicated solely to following up on dangerous dog calls. Hopefully this works because Joliet is being swamped with serious pit bull attacks.

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The Herald News - Jan 27, 2016

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Feb 11, 2017 Mount Vernon American Bulldog Bit a Teenage Boy

Mount Vernon - An American bulldog lunged at a 13-year-old boy who was visiting the dog owner. The boy was transported to the hospital, treated and released the same evening. The owner surrendered the dog to animal control.  

Cedarhurst Center for the Arts in Mt. Vernon
This city doesn't need pit bulls

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Mount Vernon News
Mount Veron News - UPDATE

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Feb 06, 2017 Aggressive Macomb Pit Bull Shot by Police Officer

Macomb - A city police officer was forced to fire his pistol at a dog late Sunday night after the
dog acted aggressively toward the officer and others, according to information from Macomb
police administration.
Macomb needs a Pit Bull Ban!
Macomb Deputy Chief Eric Lenardt stated that on Sunday night, police were called to the 400 block of North Campbell Street on a report of a dog at large that was nipping at people trying to help its owner get it into his residence. Lenardt said that the owner was reportedly intoxicated. On
arrival, an officer was able to help get the pitbull into the residence.

However, he instructed the owner not to open the door, otherwise the dog would get loose and continue to act aggressively. The owner opened the door, and the dog quickly went toward the officer. The officer stated in his report that he sprayed the dog with pepper spray three to four times, emptying the container. The dog continued to come toward the officer in an aggressive manner, so the officer fired his pistol at it. The officer believed he had missed the dog, as the animal ran toward the back of the house.

Once at the back porch, he saw the dog and realized he had struck it in the paw. An animal control
officer was called to the scene, secured the dog and took it to a veterinarian for treatment.
The dog's owner, identified as Christopher J. Martin, 43, of Macomb, was arrested on a charge of
resisting/obstructing an officer for opening the door and letting the dog escape when he had been
instructed not to. Martin was also cited for having a dog running at large.

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The McDonough County Voice

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Feb 05, 2017 Roselle Pit Bull Attacks Pizza Delivery Man

Roselle - This is a facebook post.  What kind of dog attacks the pizza delivery guy and what kind of owner laughs about it?

A pit bull and a pit bull owner, of course!

Feb 05, 2017 Chicago Pit Bull Mauls One and Kills Another Dog

Chicago - This is another unreported pit bull attack found on facebook.  A neighbor's pit bull mauled a family's dog causing $1400 in damage, and then 2 months later kills another of the neighbor's dogs.

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Feb 05, 2017 Chicago Pit Bull Attacked Service Dog

Chicago - This is another attack that went unreported. A graduate student says she wiped out her savings covering the costs of her beloved service dog's surgeries and medical care after a pit bull attacked Sassy.
Sassy the Service Dog!
Chicago Doesn't Need Pit Bulls
"I am a graduate student in public health and work part-time as a health writer. My service dog, Sassy, is the cutest thing on Earth and loves food, giving kisses, and going to the beach with me. I earn exactly enough to pay for my basic expenses, but am currently living paycheck to paycheck. I had started a growing savings account, but currently wiped it all out. It started when Sassy was attacked by a pit bull and needed expensive emergency surgery. When I recovered from that financially, I discovered a few lumps on her abdomen which turned out to be aggressive tumors. Because of this I need Modest Needs' and your help to pay for my rent payment, which is late as of now. This funding will bring a great sense of relief to me, as well as making my rent payment stable so that I do not have to worry about my most basic need- housing. I plan on finding full-time employment very soon so that I can prepare for future emergency expenses."

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Jan 29, 2017 Hainesville Pit Bull Attacked Husky

UPDATE: The Husky has died from a broken neck. Notice that the description of the attack and of the injuries to the husky were both minimized in the original reporting.  The pit bull still has not been found.

Anyone with information about the attack or the dog is asked to call Round Lake Police at (847) 270-9111

Round Lake Park - A 68 year old woman was injured when she tried to stop a loose pit bull from attacking her Siberian husky on the 300 block of Grandview Drive in Round Lake Park. An unidentified woman came and took the pit bulls away without identifying herself or offering to pay for the medical damage to the husky.
File photo of a husky

The husky’s owner was taken to the hospital by ambulance, treated and released and the husky was taken for veterinary care for injuries to its ear “and elsewhere”. Her hands were severely injured. Police are asking for help to find the black pit bull and the owner whom they believe lives in Hainesville. The husky owner wants the pit bull found because it is “obviously dangerous.” Police say if the owner is found there will be charges.

RIP Tika - from Gofundme page

Daily HeraldGrayslake Patch
Four-legged friends (and enemies)

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