Apr 01, 1910 Bulldog Attacks a Jersey Cow at Peoria

Latter, Chained to a Stake, So Badly Mangled It Will Probably Die

Peoria - A vicious bulldog belonging to william Stege attacked a fine jersey cow, also the property of Stege, yesterday and before he could be torn from his victim had literally torn the unfortunate beast to pieces.  When finally the dog was dragged away the cow presented a shocking appearance.  The animal's hide was torn into strips, its entrails were protruding in places and all the flesh had been stripped from its legs.  The lot in which the cow had been tethered looked like a slaughter house so bathed was it in crimson gore and the cow lay stretched on the ground, a heap of mangled flesh.  The cow was tethered in a vacant lot near the Stege house and was peacefully cropping grass when a small mongrel pup chanced along and began barking at the animal.  This excited the bulldog which, without warning, suddenly leaped at the cow and began its murderous attack.  The dog was shot and the cow will probably die.

The Rock Island Argus, Rock Island, IL, April 1, 1910, p. 6