May 12, 1896 Chicago Girl bitten by a Bulldog

Chicago - Virginia Hurley, two and a half years old, was attacked by a vicious bulldog in front of No. 95 Pine St, her home, yesterday afternoon, and was seriously bitten bout the right cheek.  The animal is the property of Fred Court of No. 210 LaSalle avenue, whose sister is matron at the Sheffield avenue police station.  He, accompanied by a friend, was walking along Pine street with his bulldog.  The Hurley child was playing on the sidewalk when the animal made a lunge and snapped her cheek.  The child's cries attracted Court, and he beat the animal off.  It was found, however, that the little girl's face was severely torn and a physician said her wounds might prove very serious.  The dog was ordered shot.

Daily Inter Ocean, Chicago IL