Jun 05, 1896 Chicago Man Set His Bulldogs Upon His Wife

Brutal Act of a Man Named Kelly at Chicago

Chicago - Mr. and Mrs. Kelly who live at 17 East Twentieth street, had a quarrel Wednesday night in a barn owned by Kelly in the rear of 42 Twenty-second street.  From words Mr. Kelly drifted to blows.  After he had knocked his wife down he turned loose two large and vicious bulldogs and set them on the prostrate woman.  They attacked her and bit her face in a horrible manner.  Her screams attracted the attention of passersby, who at first were deterred from interfering by the furious brutes.

Seeing, however, that delay might mean death, two men seized pitchforks and clubs and drove them away.  The police were notified, but before they arrived Kelly had made his escape.  The woman was taken to a drug store, where a doctor dressed her wounds, after which she was taken home.  The doctor says her face will be disfigured for life and she may lose the sight of one eye.

Quincy Morning Whig, Quincy, IL, June 05, 1896, p. 5