Aug 01, 1889 Quincy Bull Dog Tackles "Coppers"

Quincy - It is reported that the policemen in the northeast part of the city had a bloody battle with a bulldog on Tuesday night and that the "cops" came out victorious.

When one of them passed Twelfth and Broadway a large and vicious dog jumped out and tried his best to bite the patrolment in the leg. The latter drew his revolver and fired, but missed the dog.

The shot had the effect, however, of preventing a further attack by the dog.

At a later hour the other patrolman, who had been notified of the occurrence, also passed the corner, and the same bulldog made an attack on him. He also drew his revolver and fired. This time the dog did not escape, for in a moment the dog gave a few yelps that could have been heard a mile and ran off.

It is said that his dog has made several attempts to bite persons passing by, and yet he was allowed to run at large without having on a muzzle. The patrolmen ought to be instructed to kill every dog on the streets during the night without a muzzle.

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Quincy Daily Whig, Aug 01, 1889, p. 8