Jan 29, 2009 Orland Park man fatally shoots neighbor's pit bull

Orland Park police are investigating a dogfight last week that led to a local man fatally shooting his neighbor's pit bull.

The homeowner told police that he shot the dog, killing it, after it attacked his yellow Labrador retriever in the backyard of his house in the 16600 block of Robinhood Drive, police said. The Labrador was taken to a veterinarian where it had a neck wound and a paw sutured to stop the bleeding, police said.

Notice the Tribune calls this a dogfight.  It was not.  This was a marauding fighting dog that attacked a normal dog on its own property.

Chicago Tribune

Jan 09, 2009 I just witnessed a child almost get attacked by a pit bull

Jacksonville – “I just witnessed a child almost get attacked by a pit bull at Shady Acres. It was running it down. The owner should get rid of this dog before something tragic happens. It was horrifying to see.”

Journal Courier

Jan 04, 2009 Dog attacks juvenile

By Jason Carson Wilson

Freeport – Mastroianni noted the victim and a friend were walking down High Street, when the 10-year-old recognized Prince and Coco.
The victim called the dogs over and began petting them. Prince was initially friendly — until the victim pulled away when Prince grabbed his hoodie.
Prince reportedly left the 10-year-old with a bitten upper lip, marks on both arms, a bite on the left side of his abdomen and a scratch on his neck.

Journal Standard