Sep 27, 2011 Pit bull victim wants Chicago Ridge to toughen law


CHICAGO RIDGE - A Chicago Ridge woman whose Shih Tzu died after it was mauled by a pit bull wants the village to stiffen its penalty for letting dogs run free, and Mayor Gene Siegel said he would look into it.
The attack took place in the parking lot of the Animal Welfare League, 10305 S. Southwest Highway in Chicago Ridge, where the pit bull named Jock was being taken because the owner was “unable to properly care for it,” according to a police report.

The incident was so unnerving that Christine Starr said she never will forget the horror she witnessed as her beloved dog Maddie was mauled. The Shih Tzu underwent emergency surgery but died 11 days later.

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Sep 23, 2011 Cops: Off-duty officer shoots pit bull in West Side alley

CHICAGO - An off-duty Chicago police officer shot and wounded a pit bull after it and another dog growled and advanced on him as he was getting out of his car Thursday night on the Near West Side, police said.

The dogs' owner and his family said the dog that was shot about 8:20 p.m. and its sire were able to get out of the yard by pushing on the gate of the family yard in 700 block of South Claremont by the owner's grandson. The officer is a longtime neighbor of the owner's family.

Sep 20, 2011 Neighbors worried about dog fighting on the North Side of chicago

Posted by LO'Brien
There were 2 Hispanic guys with pit bulls fighting in the alley on the 3900 Block of N Lamon ave this afternoon. I was walking with my young child. Truly frightening.

SEPT. 20

Did you call the police?

SEPT. 20

I really, really, hope you called the police.

SEPT. 20

Good Neighbor
That's really scary. These two idiots may be stealing dogs, too. I hope the police were called.

SEPT. 20

Gene K.
50 year resident of Jeff Park
I hope you called the cops also.

SEPT. 20

Childhood Neighbor
Call the police and the alderman

SEPT. 20

I could call the police and give them the address. If the dogs are not neutered and these guys have a felony, which they may or may not they will be arrested and the dog will be taken. A person with a felon can not own an unaltered dog in Chicago. The dog would be taken to animal control and they would have to alter the dog to get it back. The owner always challenges it and then they have to go to court to fight it. They always loose. The dog becomes a court case dog and is offered training and rehab at animal control then they ask dog rescues to help in finding a home for the dog. My friend has a "court case dog" she was intended to be bait.

SEPT. 20

Yes, I called the police, when we got further away. I spent the evening trying to convince a 2 1/2 yr old that the dogs were ok.

Sep 14, 2011 Same story, different end

Wonder Lake – While walking my two Thailand Ridgeback dogs on the west side of Wonder Lake recently, we were attacked by a brown pit bull that shall remain nameless.
It was trailing a leash.

Both my dogs and I gave it the benefit of the doubt and waited to see what it was going to do after charging across the street to us.

My dogs were calm.  I was calm.  The pit bull attacked.  Twice.

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Sep 03, 2011 Owner of decapitated dog hopes to save other pets

Chicago - Last week, someone stole a 7-month-old German Shepherd out of a yard in the Austin neighborhood, and three days later the dog turned up dead — its head in one trash can and its body in another.

“They took the dog to fight a pit bull and chopped the dog’s head off,” he initially told me.

"The heinous act has struck such terror in this community; the owner asked that I not use his name."

by Mary Mitchell
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Sep 03, 2011 Neighbor defends stabbing dog

McHENRY – The McHenry man who stabbed a pit bull Tuesday said the dog was anything but friendly.
The pit bull came literally charging across their front yard onto the road,” Steve Schneider said. “The dog was headed right for my dog’s head or neck.”
Schneider had a pocket knife with about a 3-inch blade, which he used to stab the dog in the side.
 “...I’m telling you, this will happen again.”
 “[With] pit bulls, I think there should be restrictions on them..."

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