Apr 30, 2015 Murphysboro Will Euthanize Pit Bull Deemed Vicious

Murphysboro - Under its Vicious Dog Ordinance, the Council ordered the destruction of a pit bull charged with biting three people. The animal is already in the custody of the Animal Control.
File photo
No mention of when, where or which attacks led to the vicious dog desgination.

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Apr 26, 2015 Chicago Pit Bull Attacked Girl, 12, in Albany Park

Chicago - A 12-year-old girl was injured when a pit bull attacked her.

It happened Sunday night in the 4900 block of North Troy in the city’s Albany Park neighborhood.
The girl and her family were dog-sitting when the dog bit her on the arm.

The girl was taken to St. Francis Hospital in Evanston with injuries to her arm.  She’s in stable condition and the fire department says her injuries are not life threatening.

Police officers shot the dog when they arrived to the scene. The owner was issued citations.

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Apr 26, 2015 Chicago Police Shoot Pit Bull Used as Weapon

Photo by ABC 7
About 10 a.m., officers were dispatched to the 9500 block of South Ewing after someone reported seeing a man entering a backyard with a gun, police said.

Officers then saw a man fitting the description they were given leaving a yard with a large pit bull, police said. The man ignored the officers' demands to tie the dog to a fence, police said.

The man released the pit bull which charged the police officers who fired one shot hitting the pit bull.  The pit bull later died.

Fox news had the most complete description of the event.

CBS and the Chicago Tribune chose not to inform the public that the dog was a pit bull.

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Apr 21, 2015 Illinois Times Reported on a Great Dane Inflicting a Serious Mauling on a Child

Springfield - A local news outlet reported on a mauling of a ten-year-old girl inflicted by a Great Dane just outside of the city. The girl was very seriously injured.

'“There were blood stains, pieces of skin and other body tissue laying throughout the backyard,” a deputy wrote in his report.'

The girl is reportedly improving.

Instead of shooting the dog when it attacked officers and putting it quickly down, the Great Dane was repeatedly tazed until began to look distressed or "fatigued."  Then it suddenly died for "unknown reasons" (heart attack).

Once last year, The Illinois Times reported on the irresponsible owner of bull terriers allowing her bull breeds to attack and run loose.  The owner was on the Animal control board!

Here are the serious local dog attacks that The Illinois Times did not report in recent years:
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Jun 28, 2008 Springfield Mailman Attacked by Pit Bull Amid Epidemic of Pit Bull Attacks
May 06, 2008 Springfield Pit Bull Attacks a Little Girl

And here are the  pit bull stories the Illinois Times did publish during the same time frame:

Thursday, Oct. 23, 2014
A pittie-ful situation Pit bulls on special at Animal Control
Pity the pit bull.  Some see the breed as the devil incarnate, out to ravage men, women and children, not to mention other dogs, with vise-like jaws, lots of teeth and a hair-trigger temperament that has earned it a reputation as the fiercest canine on the planet. Others see a playful, intelligent pooch that’s loyal, wonderful with kids and simply misunderstood by humans.

Wednesday, April 30, 2008
Dog gone - a friendly pit/lab mix is shot by police when it attacks them. Photo of crying owner and dead pit bull included.

Thursday, Feb. 2, 2006 A dog's life Pit bulls and shepherds and chows — oh my! Being vicious isn'’t easy, and I should know.
A piece written from the perspective of a deemed vicious pit bull that wants us to understand its the owner's fault

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Illinois Times

Apr 18, 2015 Chicago South Side Woman Accused of Dogfighting and Animal Abuse

Chicago - A Far South Side woman accused of running a dog-fighting ring in her home starved two puppy pit bulls to death before hiding them in a closet, Cook County prosecutors said.

Police discovered the grisly scene after being called to a domestic disturbance Friday about 3 p.m. at 11758 S. Morgan Street, authorities said.

Police noticed a foul smell and asked if Shantell Burnett had any animals.

She opened the closet door where police viewed two dead tan puppy pit bulls who were covered in urine and feces, prosecutors said. The animals appeared if they had no access to food, water or light, prosecutors said.

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Chicago Sun Times

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Apr 16, 2015 Wataga Pit Bull Killed Small Dog

Wataga - In a little town in Knox County, just outside of Galesburg, a little dog was killed by a pit bull on Monday.  The pit bull lept two fences, one was 6 feet tall, to knock down the owner of the little dog in order to get the little dog out of her hands and rip the little dog's throat out.

When police arrived they found the 19 year old owner of the little dog covered in blood.  The pit bull had lept up, grabbed her hair and pulled her to the ground.  She was taken to the emergency room, treated and released.

A man came and tried to save the little dog, but it was too late.  The owner showed up later.  She agreed to have the unvaccinated pit bull put down.  Its head was sent to a lab for rabies testing.

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Apr 15, 2015 Safe Humane Chicago is Unsafe and Inhumane to Neighborhood Pets

Chicago - Putting fight bust dogs that "need" to be placed in a "pet free home" is dangerous and inhumane because there are no "pet free neighborhoods."  Just look at the recent stories from Knox County to see how inhumane pit bull owners are to neighborhood pets.

 At least one commenter understands how incredibly unsafe this practice is.  And the perverted platitudes he receives boggle the mind.

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Apr 03, 2015 Chicago: Leashed Pit Bull Kills Leashed Pekingese

North Side Rick
Thank you North Side Pets for posting this. I can confirm this and give a little more detail as this is my Mom's dog. Wednesday around 11:30am my mom was walking our dog Milo on in front of our house on Ravenswood/North Shore. A woman was walking her dog past our house, my mom pulled our dog to the side to let them pass. The woman stopped and allowed her dog to get close to ours like she wanted them to play all of a sudden without any warning the dog bit our dog in the throat and started throwing him around (our is a Pekingese), the owner could not pull off her dog. This attack occurred for quite a long while as the dog wouldn't let go. The scary thing was even after the dog let go the dog attacked again and was biting our dog's stomach even though he was no longer moving. We have a lot of small dogs in our area and myself having two kids this is obviously a pretty dangerous dog to be in our neighborhood considering the aggressive and unprovoked nature of the attack. The dog was a white Pitbull and the person walking was a female in her mid twenties probably Caucasian. She ran away after the incident, a neighbor witnessed the attack and said she went to an apartment around Wallen. My mother is traumatized and heartbroken. We filed a police report and I encourage any one with more information to call Rogers park police station or animal control. Thank you!

North Side Rick
Thank you all for your kind words. We had Milo for 12 years and he is part of the family. My kids are both sad and too scared to walk outside our house now.
Roger - she was Caucasian with around shoulder length dark hair, thin build, mid twenties. Unfortunately we don't know what building she went into as we got this information from someone who witnessed her running away and tried to see where she went, that was all the information he gave us. .
Bruce - I agree I would have to assume she didn't understand what was going to happen and also agree there should be some accountability here. Even more so this dog is dangerous, from what was described it was just a brutal attack I don't want this to happen to anyone else. Thank you all again for your comments.

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Apr 01, 2015 Galesburg Minimizing Pit Bull Attacks - Again

Remember and Honor the Memory of Ryan Maxwell by Making Galesburg Safe from Pit Bull Attacks

Galesburg - In a letter to the editor, Paul Lepka alleges that Galesburg animal control minimized the severity of a pit bull attack in a sloppy investigation that misidentified the pit bull as a "terrier" and did not get a statement from the victim dog's owner among other problems.

If true, this sloppy, unprofessional behavior is exactly the behavior that has been alleged in the past.  The owners of a golden retriever named Chloe that was attacked by a pit bull described how their dog's attack was minimized and nothing was done about the dangerous pit bull at a public hearing about pit bulls after Ryan Maxwell's tragic death.
Chloe, Another Galesburg Pit Bull Attack Victim 
Editor, Register-Mail: A few weeks ago before the anniversary of the sudden death of a child by a vicious pit bull, a responsible pet owner’s own dog was also attacked by a pit bull. A lady was walking her leashed dog on public property when a loose pit bull came charging up and attacked her dog from behind. The incident occurred approximately 100 feet off of the property of the attack dog. With one horrible bite, the pit bull tore a hunk of flesh off of the hind quarters of the leashed dog before it retreated back home. The pet owner was able to get her dog home in spite of it bleeding profusely all the way. The police were immediately called. The owner of the attack dog then had the audacity to show up at the home of the injured dog and complain to the pet owner about having police intervention. The injured dog was immediately taken to the closest veterinary clinic which the Vet verified that in order to close the wound, it required 15 external stitches and so many internal stitches that staff eventually lost count.
After an investigation was completed by Animal Control, their report was riddled with misinformation and inaccuracies. The report concluded that the victim dog instigated the attack and the wound was described only as a “nip.” The report also stated that the attack dog was a terrier and the breed of the victim dog was incorrectly listed as well as the legal owner’s name. Animal control also did not interview the owner of the victimized dog and concluded that this was an isolated incident. Therefore, the attack dog was not deemed a vicious animal according to city codes. To prove that the investigation was so sloppily incomplete, this same dog was documented in a 2012 police report as being at large and aggressive to neighboring dogs and their pet owners.
In conclusion, it seems that this investigation lacked credibility and professionalism and unless city officials take the irresponsibility of certain pet owners seriously, there could be another tragedy looming on the horizon. — Paul Lepka, Freeport

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The Register-Mail

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Apr 01, 2015 Chicago Pit Bull Attacks Man, Teenage Girl on West Side

Chicago - Two people were taken to a hospital after they were bitten by a pit bull Tuesday night in the West Garfield Park neighborhood.

The dog came out of a yard in the 3900 block of West Fillmore a few minutes after 8 p.m. and attacked two people, police said.

A man, whose age was not immediately available, was bitten in the left hand and a 15-year-old girl suffered a bite to the left forearm, police said.

Both were taken to Mount Sinai Hospital in good condition.

The owner ran away with the dog, and was not in custody as of Wednesday morning, police said.

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Chicago Tribune
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Apr 01, 2015 Chicago: Leashed Out of Control Pit Bull Attacks Small Dog

Chicago - While I was walking home last night, a woman lost control of her dogs including a large pit bull. It attacked a small dog in front of my house and knocked me over my front fence. I am bruised and sore. If you have a dog, know that you can control it or cross the street to avoid conflict. It was a frightening scene.

Big Shoulders
Too many large and aggressive dogs are kept as status symbols, and yes they are often pit bulls or pit mixes. While it is true that any dog can bite, it is much more frequently pit bulls in certain areas of the city that cause the damage. The immature and sociopathic behavior that leads certain individuals to own aggressive dogs is also often the reason these people flee the scene without remorse. Pretending that pit bulls are "just dogs" in this city is a dangerous way to live, I know we all like to think of ourselves as open minded, but it's not worth stitches or in many cases a dead dog.

 Big Shoulders
The original post stated it was a large pit bull that attacked a small dog. The people in my neighborhood who own dogs for the wrong reasons seem to choose pit bulls. Just because I have friends who are responsible dog owners with pit bulls that are gentle and well trained doesn't mean that I let my 17lb dog near a gangbanger with a huge pit pulling on a chain. Of the three serious incidents that took place last year at my local dog park ALL THREE were pit bull attacks. Obviously the owners were at fault, but that doesn't help when dogs and people are left needing emergency medical attention. The sensibke thing fir me to do is leave the park when I suspect a problem. If dirtbag gangbangers favored labradoodles or chihuahuas it would be a different story.

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