Jun 06, 2014 Same Granite City Pit Bulls climb another fence and kill yet another dog

UPDATE: Madison county animal control confirms that the less aggressive of the two pit bulls that have been on a months long killing rampage was put down.    Animal control wants to declare the other pit bull "dangerous" so that it has ample opportunity to kill a few more beloved pets before they euthanize the more aggressive mauler.

Granite City - Two pit bulls that have escaped owners' yard repeatedly attacked and killed up to 11 other pets, have killed again.
RIP Antoine
This time they leaped a fence to kill a 13 year old black toy poodle named Antoine in his own fenced yard.

The dogs are now impounded and it is not known if authorities will seek to have the dogs declared dangerous.  Despite all the kills these maulers have racked up already, authorities don't believe they've killed enough yet to go ahead with a vicious dog hearing.  Perhaps they're waiting for a child to be killed.

Family of the previous three victim dogs, who are pit bull lovers, have said frequently said that its not the pit bulls' fault, as if laying blame on the dogs is the point at all.  They are content to mouth the platitude that owners should be responsible, and are seemingly oblivious to the fact that if the owners of the dead chihuahua mixes or Antoine, the latest fatality, had been irresponsible and let their dogs run loose, those dogs would have killed nothing.  They are also oblivious to the fact that even responsible owners have an off moment, and it is unacceptable to keep animals that, when they escape, are determined and only want to kill in residential neighborhoods.

Antoine's mourning owners do feel the situation is ridiculous and needs to stop.

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