Nov 25, 2014 Lawsuit: Chicago Pit Bull Attacked Man as he Got Off Bus

Chicago - A man filed a complaint against  CINDY DABNER, alleging negligence and violations of the Illinois Animal Control Act.

The victim, John Spencer, was exiting a bus when he was attacked by DABNER’s pit bull which caused injuries.  The attack was unprovoked and the pit bull was not restrained.  This attack was not reported in the news when it happened.

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Nov 21, 2014 Chicago Girl Attacked by Pit Bull

CHICAGO A 15-year-old girl was rushed to the hospital after she was attacked by a pit bull near 86th and Kildare in Chicago's Ashburn neighborhood.
Neighbors say three pit bulls got loose and were chasing children as they got home from school.

"They chased one of the kids in my backyard and I heard the commotion and I had to come out and scare them off with a bat," said neighbor Antoine Harris. "I chased them off. I wanted to follow them and make sure they didn't attack any other kids I came around the corner and it was too late he had pinned the girl up and bit her."

Harris says the girl suffered one puncture wound. The pit bull's owner re-captured the dogs after the attack.

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Nov 21, 2014 Lawsuit: Schaumburg Mother of boy allegedly attacked by pit bull sues dog, property owners

Schaumburg - Nora Zolen, individually and as the mother of a minor, filed a complaint Nov. 13 in Cook County Circuit Court against Patrick G. Adkins and Sheri Jackson.

Zolen claims her son was visiting a friend on the premises and was attacked by Jackson’s dog without provocation, causing severe and permanent injuries.

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The Cook County Record

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Nov 16, 2014 Hillcrest Pit Bull Invades Yard and Attacks 2 Dogs Killing 1 Pomeranian

Hillcrest - ‘Hillcrest Village officials learned of another dog attack in the village. During the public comment session of Wednesday’s board meeting, village resident Pam Pittman told the board that her daughter’s Pomeranian dog was attacked and killed by a pit bull in the village on Nov. 6.

The pit bull also allegedly attacked and injured another dog, causing lacerations on its’ hind legs resulting in veterinarian bills of $350. According to Pittman, the pit bull broke through the fence into a yard where both animals were. Ogle County Animal Control was contacted and the dog was deemed dangerous. The dog was released to the owner two days later and is supposed to have a muzzle on at all times.

“Something needs to be done, this is not the first time a pit bull has attacked a dog out here, it’s happened before,” said Pittman. “I’m not saying all pit bulls are like this, but I think something needs to be done.”’

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Rochelle News Leader

Nov 12, 2014 Chicago Event to Prevent Canine Attacks!

Chicago - Citizens for Canine Attack Prevention is hosting a Chicago event called Harmony In Action on Wednesday, November 12, 2014 at Daley Plaza Under the Picasso at 50 West Washington in Chicago.

Harmony In Action

Harmony In Action is ART + ACTIVISM. This program allows survivors of dangerous dog attacks to share their stories. There will be music, dance, and theatrical selections along with presentations by experts to educate the public and promote awareness of this public safety issue.


Citizens for Canine Attack Prevention

Citizens for Canine Attack Prevention is founded by Collage C. Warner.  Collage Warner is a canine attack educator and dangerous dog breed victim’s advocate. She is also a survivor who is passionate about turning her story into a movement for social activism, victim advocacy, human rights, children’s rights and public safety.

Nov 4, 2014 Chicago Man Fatally Shoots His Pit Bull To Stop Attack

Chicago - A man fatally shot his 1-year-old pit bull after the dog bit his young daughter Monday evening at his Auburn Gresham neighborhood home on the South Side.

The pit bull bit the man's 5-year-old daughter at their home in the 8500 block of South Vincennes about 5 p.m., then tried to attack the owner, who shot the dog and killed it, police said.

The girl was treated on the scene by firefighters for a bite to her hand, police said. She did not require hospitalization.

City Animal Care and Control responded and removed the deceased dog from the home, police said.

The 26-year-old man was in lawful possession of the weapon and will not face charges, according to police.

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Nov 02, 2014 Pit Bull Attack Victim Wants Authorities To Look Into Three-Strike Rule

Quincy  - A Hamilton woman is speaking out about animal attack laws after she says she was attacked by a pit bull last week.  She says despite multiple injuries, the dog is still out there.

Ashley Edmonson says she was thinking the worst when she was attacked by an acquaintance's pit bull last week.
"I'm not going to live, that's all," Edmondson said.  "It just started grabbing my ankle, then it moved on to my hand." 

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