Nov 16, 2014 Hillcrest Pit Bull Invades Yard and Attacks 2 Dogs Killing 1 Pomeranian

Hillcrest - ‘Hillcrest Village officials learned of another dog attack in the village. During the public comment session of Wednesday’s board meeting, village resident Pam Pittman told the board that her daughter’s Pomeranian dog was attacked and killed by a pit bull in the village on Nov. 6.

The pit bull also allegedly attacked and injured another dog, causing lacerations on its’ hind legs resulting in veterinarian bills of $350. According to Pittman, the pit bull broke through the fence into a yard where both animals were. Ogle County Animal Control was contacted and the dog was deemed dangerous. The dog was released to the owner two days later and is supposed to have a muzzle on at all times.

“Something needs to be done, this is not the first time a pit bull has attacked a dog out here, it’s happened before,” said Pittman. “I’m not saying all pit bulls are like this, but I think something needs to be done.”’

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