May 21, 2015 WIFR Rockford: Hero Pit Bull Farts Loudly, Awakens Owner, Saves 5 People According to Owner

Rockford - If a pit bull owner calls WIFR about a farting hero pit bull, you bet they will report it!

As it is, WIFR is reporting that a pit bull owner approached them about his pit bull barking when it heard other pit bulls outside fighting.  The owner called WIFR to tell them that he thinks his pit bull is a hero and deserves a medal, so naturally WIFR reported on…a pit bull barking at night when it heard something.
Pit Bull Hero For Barking
The hero pit bull owners called 911 and police came.

WIFR reporting emphasizes that the fighting pit bulls were pets and forced to fight to the death.  It remains unclear why officers had to physically stop the pit bulls from fighting after the bad men ran away and the pit bulls were free from coercion.

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