Oct 3, 2013 Peoria pit bulls top biter

Peoria - Councilwoman Beth Akeson spoke at the first of two public forums about proposed changes to the city's animal control ordinances.

Changes in dangerous dog laws are being sought after a series of pit bull attacks.  Akeson cited statistics that show that pit bulls bite more than any other kind of dog in Peoria.

She also sought to educate Peoria residents on the increased dangers that pit bulls present by showing photographs of a pit bull attack victim's injuries which were so horrific, some people had to leave the room.
Other pit bull attack victims
While Akeson reminded the forum attendees that Peoria can ban pit bulls if other measures fail, for the time being a ban on pit bulls has been taken off the table.

Evidence that Best Friends Animal Society have been consulted is that one person came toting a "therapy pit bull" and that "reckless owner" legislation is being looked at.  The reckless owner ordinances can only come into play after a mauling has taken place and are as difficult to enforce as dangerous dog restrictions.

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