Mar 19, 2007 Postal Service delivers warning about dogs Mail can be suspended if carrier feels threatened


Danville – Postal carriers have been the target of three attacks by dogs in three months.

“We seem to have more than we ever had,” Danville Postmaster Michael R. Hicks said.

All three incidents involved bites by pit bulls, who all were euthanized, but other breeds cause problems, as well.
“There are quite a few problems,” Adams said. “We’ve got to do something.”

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Mar 15, 2007 Attacks By Pit Bull Dogs Reported To Smithton Board

Smithton - Residents of the Field Stone Subdivision spoke to the Smithton village Board about two recent pit bull attacks.  One attack was an invasion attack.  A neighbor's pit bull attacked and then followed the victim into his home through the kitchen door.

The victim said that after the pit bull entered her home, her kids became  afraid to go outside, and her toddler was even afraid to go near the door the pit bull invaded through.  Her older child was afraid to walk their five-month old dachshund.  She started a petition to ban pit bulls and rottweilers.

Another resident reported that her son had also been attacked right after they moved in.  She lamented that they thought their move to Smithton was going to be to a safer community and she is very upset that the Village has let her down.

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The Freeburg Trib, Freeburg, IL, Mar 15, 2007, vol 108, no. 25, p. 1

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List of Invasion Attacks
These are attacks where the dog invades a home, place of business, occupied building or securely enclosed yard expressly to attack.  Attacks in which the pit bull pulls another animal through their fence in an attempt to kill them are also considered invasion attacks.  Invasion attacks by dogs other than pit bulls are virtually non-existent.

Mar 14, 2007 Pit Bull Attack - Call for Outlawing Pit Bulls

by: Charles Vance

Danville – A man in Danville is recovering tonight after being attacked by two pit bulls.
Fisher says he fought for several minutes to get away from the dogs, eventually climbing between a van and a fence, standing helpless and bleeding while the dogs jumped at him from below.
[The owner] said they are good dogs and he has no idea what could have caused the attack
The director [of the Humane Society] added they are seeing a significant increase in the number of calls about pit bulls, about two a day now, and he wants to see the dogs outlawed.

A followup article states that the dog was deemed dangerous after the unprovoked, off property human bite, but that the owners could get the dogs back per Anna's law.  Neighbors are upset the dog will be back in the neighborhood with an obviously oblivious owner.

Illinois Homepage - Pit Bull Attack
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Illinois Homepage - Pit bull returned

Feb 28, 2007 Owner of three pit bulls sentenced to jail, fines for dog attack

"Mr. Davis the owner of three pit bull terriers that ran onto Mr. Mascari's property June 30 and tore apart his 14-year-old German shepherd, was sentenced to 120 days in the Henry County Jail and placed on 18 months of conditional discahrge by Judge Dana McReynolds.

Mr. Davis was also ordered to pay$1,494 to the county for housing his pit bulls after they attacked Mr. Mascari's dog, and fined $1,000.

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Quad-Cities Online
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