Aug 07, 2013 Waukegan Pit bull attacks Boston Terrier; owner bolts

So glad you're going to be OK sweet Bubba

Waukegan - Larry Walker and Boston terrier, Bubba, are enthusiastic and long time users of a number of dog parks in the Waukegan area and they never had a problem until July 27 when a black pit bull grabbed and tried to drag little Bubba off at the dog exercise area at the Larsen Nature Preserve.  Walker was able to hit the pit bull in the ribs to make it let go.

He was shocked to see the owner just take off with the black pit bull leaving Walker with $417 in veterinary bills.  Waukegan Animal Control, which loves to pump pit bulls into the Waukegan area, explained to Walker that they are completely useless when it comes to protecting sweet friendly dogs and people from pit bulls (I'm paraphrasing) and passed the buck to the police.

Walker said, "It’s like one of your family getting torn up.”  He added that after they adopted him from Orphans of the Storm, he took Bubba to obedience classes which he aced.

“I never had a dog attack like that. It happened so fast I was in total shock. It might have eaten him alive,” said Walker.

Walker now carries a can of pepper spray/red dye/a little tear gas so he can stop and mark an offending dog. And he carries a camera to catch the dine n' dash owner. I might suggest bear spray or a small fire extinguisher there have been reports that people have had success getting a mauling pit bull stop with these.  People have to arm themselves to walk because of pit bulls these days.  Really sad.

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