Mar 27, 2015 Riverside Pit Bulls Attack Collie

Riverside - Two loose pit bulls attacked another dog that was being walked by its owner earlier this week, police in southwest suburban Riverside say.
Police responded to emergency calls Thursday morning in the 400 block of Selborne Road. There, they found a miniature collie bleeding from its ear. Officers learned the owner had been walking the pet past a property when two pit bulls running free in a backyard attacked.
Illinois pit bull attack victim
The owner of the pit bulls, a Chicago man whom police did not identify, was ticketed under a village ordinance for having a dangerous or fierce dog unleashed.

The collie survived but required veterinary care.

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Mar 27, 2015 East Dundee Resident Wants Police to Deal with Pit Bull Problem

East Dundee - Patrol pit bulls: This is about the East Dundee police worrying about dogs urinating on snow when there are loose pit bulls running around in the Terrace. They do nothing about it even though it has been reported. The seniors can't even walk outside because of these animals. Someone needs to take action against these pit bulls.

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Elgin Courier News

Mar 26, 2015 Oswego Pit Bull Attacks for the Third Time

Oswego - A pit bull escaped from its home on Jenna Circle and attacked a dog.  The pit bull has attacked twice before and the city attorney will “go forward with an aggressive prosecution to see if we can get that dog removed in one form or the other from the residence.”

“Dave Dillow, who lives on Kathleen Circle, also in Lakewood Creek, told the board that his dog was one of the two dogs that were attacked by the pit bull Saturday.

Dillow said the incident left his dog with four canine teeth marks in its chest, which required treatment by a veterinarian Saturday evening.

He added that it was "bad enough" his dog was bitten in the incident and expressed concern that his two daughters could have been the victims instead. He noted that one of his daughters was outside playing at the time his dog was attacked by the pit bull.”

“Board member Steve Jungermann also expressed concern.

"With that pit bull-type of dog it only takes one time for something serious to happen," he said.”

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Mar 26, 2015 Oswego Pit Bull Attacked Girl and Killed Dog

Oswego - “Police responded to the area on Willowwood Drive near Burr Oak Drive for a call of a dog bite with a possible dog-kill, Police Chief Jeff Burgner said.

He said three dogs had gotten loose from a residence, one of which attacked another dog that was being walked. The other two dogs were not directly involved in the attack, according to police.

Burgner added that Miceli's daughter had her dog on a leash when the dog ran up and attacked her and Rocky.

"It appears from what we gathered one of the people at the residence had the door open to go inside and the dogs got out," Burgner said.

Miceli says that his daughter scooped up her dog but the pit bull bit her causing her to drop Rocky. He added that the pit bull then killed their dog. Before dragging it away.

"Everything happened so fast. I tried to take the dog from her but she was holding him too tight," he recalled. "Rocky came loose and he didn't even put up a fight.

Miceli said that his daughter was bit in the right elbow and wrist but not seriously injured.

"Physically she is going to be OK. We got her to the ER and she was treated and X-rayed. To the best of my knowledge the dog was current on its vaccinations including rabies," he said, adding that he is more worried about the psychological effect of the attack on his daughter.”

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Mar 16, 2015 Berwyn Shih Tzu Attacked by Pit Bull, Then Hit By Car

Berwyn - A shih tzu named Benji was attacked by a pit bull while walking leashed with its owner. Benji slipped his collar, escaped the pit bull and ran in a panic into a road where he was run over by a car.   Benji's fatal attack was unreported in the media.

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pit bull owner's version in which the actual attack is left out

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Mar 16, 2015 Waukegan Pit Bull Attacks 5 Year Old Girl; attack not reported

Waukegan - This unreported attack left a five year old girl named Araseli with severe injuries. Araceli’s mother set up a GoFundMe page requesting help with medical bills for her daughter’s severe injuries.

So far she has raised almost half the needed funds.  This attack was not reported in the media.

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Mar 12, 2015 Chicago Pit Bull Mauls Housemate Cat

Chicago - A pet cat named Freedom was mauled by a pit bull housemate. His leg was so badly mauled that it had to be amputated.

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Help Keep Freedom Alive Gofundme page

Mar 4, 2015 Tom Loewy: Ryan Maxwell Remembered By What We Didn't Do

Galesburg - On the second anniversary of Ryan Maxwell's death by pit bull attack, Tom Loewy helps Ryan's family spread the word about the grim reality of pit bull maulings.

And, once again, Loewy hits the nail on the head about what we should remember and heed:

"But here is a fact none of us can escape every morning we wake up: This community basically did nothing in response to the mauling death of Ryan Maxwell.
We didn't address the issue of dangerous breeds. We didn't look into issues of insurance or ownership regulation or a greater role for law enforcement.
So I'm down to the real reason the hoarse whisper in the back of my head won't let me be as the second anniversary of Ryan Maxwell's death has passed.
We failed you, buddy. I failed you."

Thank you, Tom!

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