Mar 26, 2015 Oswego Pit Bull Attacks for the Third Time

Oswego - A pit bull escaped from its home on Jenna Circle and attacked a dog.  The pit bull has attacked twice before and the city attorney will “go forward with an aggressive prosecution to see if we can get that dog removed in one form or the other from the residence.”

“Dave Dillow, who lives on Kathleen Circle, also in Lakewood Creek, told the board that his dog was one of the two dogs that were attacked by the pit bull Saturday.

Dillow said the incident left his dog with four canine teeth marks in its chest, which required treatment by a veterinarian Saturday evening.

He added that it was "bad enough" his dog was bitten in the incident and expressed concern that his two daughters could have been the victims instead. He noted that one of his daughters was outside playing at the time his dog was attacked by the pit bull.”

“Board member Steve Jungermann also expressed concern.

"With that pit bull-type of dog it only takes one time for something serious to happen," he said.”

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