Oct 13, 2017 West Peoria Pit Bull Attacked Small Dog, 2 People

West Peoria - Two men saw a pit bull attacking a dachshund that was being walked on a leash by a 70 year old woman. The pit bull climbed over a 5 foot gate to get out of its yard and went after the woman who was walking two dachshunds. The woman fell to the ground trying to get the pit bull off her dog. Two neighbors came out to help and both were bitten, one reportedly was bitten badly.

The dachshund had at least 20 puncture wounds, some of them very large. The victim's daughter says that the pit bull had attacked a German shepherd in May of this year. The victim's daughter also reports that the pit bull owner never even asked if she could help the victim.

The owner of the pit bull said that Thursday marked the first time she let the dog outside without a leash. The owner was inside when she heard commotion, then came outside to retrieve the dog, according to the report. Then she called police.

Deputies said the smaller dog had a “U-shaped cut” on its right side. It was taken to a vet by its owner, but the severity of its injury was not specified by police.

Peoria County Animal Protection Services took the pit bull for quarantine. Further information was not immediately available about the dog’s fate.

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Oct 13, 2017 Aurora Pit Bulls Seriously Maul 10 yr old Boy

Aurora -
UPDATE: Luke is back home with two family pit bulls who slept with him on his first night back from the hospital.  His mother believes it is how you raise them and is not worried about his safety around their own family pit bulls despite well-raised family pit bulls killing and mauling so many family children.
Some Illinois family or friends' pit bulls that mauled or killed someone in the household:
Oct 07 2017 Oswego Family Pit Bull Attacks Boy
Jan 18, 2014 Bloomington family pit bull kills four year old Kara Hartrich

UPATE: There is a YouCaring fund for the 10 year old victim.  His teacher set it up for him.

"Luke Drees-Segundo is a 10 year old student in my 5th grade class. Luke was attacked by two dogs last Friday, October 13, 2017 as he walked to school in Aurora, IL. He suffered multiple severe wounds to his head, face, and legs. Luke is undergoing treatment for these wounds. He has had two surgeries since admitted and will most likely have to face more. His injuries are very serious, but not life-threatening. Luke is a very brave little boy with a long road ahead of him.
I would like to help out his mom, Denise Drees, with the financial burden. Please help Denise in any way you can. All donations are appreciated and will help her out tremendously. Thank you from the bottom of my heart."

UPDATE: The owner found the second pit bull, brought it ins to animal control and both pit bulls were euthanized.  The child has serious but not life threatening injuries and is still in the hospital three days later.
This photo was posted by the Aurora police of the second pit bull which was still loose at the time.

Please Share-We’re working with City of Aurora IL Animal Care and Control in searching for one of two pit bull dogs who mauled and seriously injured a ten-year-old boy around 9:50 a.m. today, October 13, in the 1000 block of Jackson St. The boy was walking to school when he was attacked.
The dogs stopped and ran away when a 31 year old Aurora woman saw the boy being attacked, drove up to the scene, and opened her vehicle door to help him. She then called 911. 
The boy received initial treatment at an Aurora hospital and was then transferred to a suburban hospital. His injuries are not believed to be life-threatening.
We have identified the owner of the dogs who lives in unincorporated Aurora and is known to Aurora Animal Care and Control. The missing dog is white with brown patches, has a chubby build and is named “Cash”. Its owner says the dog has been known to run toward Phillips Park in the 1000 block of Ray Moses Drive.
If you see the dog, do not approach it. Instead, call 911 immediately.
The impounded dog, which was captured soon after the attack in the 800 block of Watson, will be observed for rabies before any decision is made about its future. Several citations are pending against the owner from Aurora Animal Care and Control. Since the owner lives in unincorporated Aurora, Kane County Animal Control was also notified of the incident.

In the comments, a parent relates another unreported pit bull attack

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Oct 07 2017 Oswego Family Pit Bull Attacks Boy

Oswego - A mother separated from the father of her child had to allow her child to go to his father's house where the boy was attacked by the father's pit bull.
"My poor Julian was attacked by a Pitbull Tonight. A family dog. I'm in complete shock. I'm grateful my son's alive. As you can see from the pictures that dog went for the neck. And Julian is such a gentle soul I know he did nothing to the dog for this to happen. Makes you wonder what's going on in that dog's life."

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Sep 18, 2017 Chicago Pit Bulls Escape and Attack Small Dog

Chicago - "My dad was walking our dog in the alley behind Fair Share when two pit bulls got out of a yard and attacked him. He got off of the leash and ran away. We've been searching the area looking for him with no luck. His name is Benito. He is a small dark brown chihuahua/terrier mix. He might be bleeding from the nape of his neck. He isn't wearing a collar as he got out of it and he isn't chipped. If you see him, please call 7734247022 or 7083281791. He's friendly but a bit skittish. Thanks in advance. UPDATE: He's been found and is at the vet. He's got some open wounds that need to be taken care of but should be ok otherwise."

Sep 07, 2017 Freeport Pit Bull attacked a Shiba Inu in her own yard.

Freeport - A Shiba Unu dog was severely injured in his own yard by a pit bull that was being walked by a young child. Jasper the Shiba Inu's injuries were severe and so his owner is asking for help paying the bills with a GoFundMe page.
Jasper the Shiba Inu was attacked by a pit bull

"This Labor day my small Shiba Inu was on the leash outside in our front yard a family with a pregnant Pit walked by and when Jasper barked at them that pregnant girl attacked. The dog came onto my property because a child was holding the leash. Jasper's leash was a 3 + feet from the sidewalk. I was told she had to be forced to let him go. He has 1 hole in his neck, 5 on his chest and 4 on his leg. Chest muscle had to be sewed together before closing the wounds and a drain tube was left in through the biggest wound. Being a holiday the Vet was closed but thankfully met me at the clinic. He was examined and sewed back together and is not going to be healed for quite some time.... So more Vet bills are coming. I am a single mother and as you can imagine the cost is overwhelming. He is lucky to be alive as he is only 20 lbs (and 12 years old) compared to her huge mass. Your change will quickly add up and help my baby during this painful healing process. Much love and thanks to any kind soul who can donate a few dollars."

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Aug 25, 2017 Chicago Child Horrifically Mauled by Pit Bulls Update 10 years later

Chicago - Update on a child who was horrifically mauled ten years ago.  Today he is off to college hoping to learn to help others with art therapy.  MUST READ!
Pit Bull Attack Victim Joshua Dixon's Self Portrait
He credits art with helping him get through his continued recovery
"The boxes stacked in the living room held all the things Joshua Dixon thought he would need in a dormitory. Bedsheets and a matching comforter. Bluetooth speakers, a computer printer and, most important, photos of his younger self.

When the 18-year-old is thousands of miles away at Maine College of Art in Portland, he'll use the pictures to remember — and to explain to new friends — exactly how far he's come.

Ten years ago, Dixon was mauled by his family's two pit bulls in his backyard when he returned home from school. The dogs tore off most of Dixon's face — his nose, ears, layers of skin and muscle — all gone in the seconds before his parents made the gruesome discovery and frantically called 911."

The Chicago Tribune used to report on pit bull attacks in the past, but presently ignores the problem for the most part.  Two days ago, while not reporting on current pit bull attacks, the Tribune posted a eulogy to a pit bull with a facebook following.

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