July 23, 2008 Panel begins work on dangerous dog laws


DANVILLE — Adam Decker vividly recalled the evening two pit bulls kept him and his family prisoners in their own home. The neighbor’s dogs were loose and trying to get into Decker’s home and backyard.
...[T]he case is in court.
Panel member Carolyn Wands also recounted a time a couple of years ago when a neighbor’s pit bull got loose and, she said, “took a hunk out of the back of my leg. He clamped down and would not let go.”
That dog, which was destroyed, belonged to a family that apparently treated it with love.

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Jul 08, 2008 Man bit by pit bull during argument on near west side

Bloomington - Police said Tuesday that one man was apparently cut with a knife and another bitten in the face by a pit bull after the pair got into an argument Monday night with a knife-wielding man on the city's near west side.

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Jul 1, 2008 Cop Justified in Killing Pit Bull, Chief Says

Virden - The weekend shooting of a pit bull by a city police officer was justified, Police Chief Scott Mayeda said Tuesday.

The Virden Police Animal Control has a prior citation against the same dog following an investigation of the dog biting a person from 2006, Mayeda said. The dog was identified as a pit bull at the time of the 2006 incident.