Aug 19, 1987 Forest Park Cops Kill Pit Bull in Cemetery

Forest Park police Sunday aternoon killed a pit bull dog that was found seriously injured in the Forest Home Cemetery. The dog, wearing no tags, had lacerations to its face and neck, a broken front paw, and it had been shot several times with a small caliber weapon.

Forest Park veterinarian John Hanover was contacted by phone, and he advised the police to use their discretion in either trying to capture the injured animal or "end its suffering." The dog was dispatched with three bullets, and removed. Oak Park and Maywood police departments were contacted to see if a dog fight was reported in the area, but police were unable to trace where the animal came from.

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Aug 07, 1987 Chicago 17-year-old Pit Bull Owner Charged for Attack

Chicago - Chicago police Thursday arrested a 17-year-old West Side boy after several police officers fired as many as seven shots into his charging pit-bull terrier. Yashir Figures, 17, of 631 N. 
Leamington Ave., was charged with interfering with police officers.

The Austin Neighborhood in Chicago Doesn't Need Pit Bulls
or Dogfighting
Nine policemen had responded to a report of a pit-bull fight in Figures` back yard. When they arrived, Figures and a man were ``teasing (the dogs) with a cat, building them up to this fight,`` said Austin District Patrolman Vincent Romano. ``And the cat was demolished.``

Figures ran into the house with his dog, and police then caught the other dog, authorities said. His owner fled in a car. Figures` younger brother removed Yashir`s dog from the house and tied him up to a post in the back yard, police said. But the dog broke loose and charged at least one officer.

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