Jun 11, 2014 UPDATE Bloomington Pit Bull Owner on Trial for Felony Reckless Conduct For Mauling

UPDATE: SHALAYNE DOSS received 30 months probation and ordered to complete 100 hours of community service and to by $88,000 in compensation for hospitalization (which the victim will never see.)  She may not own animals.  A 60-day jail term has been stayed pending a remission hearing.
UPDATE: SHALAYNE DOSS A Bloomington woman was convicted Wednesday of reckless conduct in the October 2012 injury of a woman attacked by her pit bull.
Jurors were not aware that the dog was a pit bull because Rumley successfully argued in a pretrial hearing that identification of the breed could be prejudicial to the defendant.
UPDATE: We will have an opportunity to see how familiar pit bull apologist talking points go down with a jury in this trial.  Shalayne Doss said that the pit bull that rushed out of an apartment to attack and severely maul Connie Ijams and her husband on the street was "just doing what he's supposed to do, protecting her and the apartment."
And, in reply to police officers warning her that if the pit bull escaped her control and presented a danger to anyone, they would be forced to shoot it, she said that shooting the pit "was like shooting one of her children."  This is the "child" that just severely mauled a woman and was acting like it wanted to attack police.

Bloomington - A McLean county jury is considering felony charges against SHALAYNE DOSS whose pit bull, Bo, attacked and severely mauled Connie Ijams.  Ijams spent 10 days in the hospital and suffered a long recuperation from the attack.

Doss bred the mauling pit bull a couple times before the attack and sold the puppies as a way to make a few extra bucks.  its offspring are still living in the Bloomington area.

This is the second report in a week describing Illinois coming down on pit bull owners and actually trying to force pit bull owners to be responsible for their pit bulls' attacks.  Just 3 days ago, TANYA HOLLAND's jail sentence was handed down.

These prosecutions come amid many reports from counties across Illinois describing an epidemic scale rises in dog bites and attacks in which pit bulls are always the sole or main element of the problem.

Madison county and Saline county are the two most recent counties to describe out-or-control bite problems and problems with pets being systematically mauled to death, however, cities and counties all over the state have been reporting pit bulls problems in recent years.  Bloomington has had problems with pit bulls going back to at least 2008.

Hopefully, ANTHONY CONCIALDI has been made aware that one slip up with his vicious dog will result in felony charges, and Illinois seems to be pursuing them these days.

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